PanGaia #15 - Springtime in Ireland

PanGaia #15 cover

PanGaia #15 - The Trees of Ireland

The Trees of Ireland: Fighting For the Last Great Forests · A Druid For Our Times: An Interview With Adge, the Fluid Druid · A Boy and his Sword: Father and Son Craft · The Darren Stevens Club: Pagan Fiction by Alex Blesoe · Gods of Our People: Arthur, the Sacred King · Energy of the Goddess: Trantrika, the First Pagans · Children of the Star Goddess: Our Creators the Stars · Where Have All the Flowers Gone?: Activism in Hostile Territory · Toe to Toe: How Do You Define a Witch? · Seasons of the Earth: The Spring Rebirth · EarthMother Stories: Sister Tree · Family Living: The Magic of Candles · What's Up?: The Magic of Comets & Meteors · Mundane Magic: The Power of Attitude · Rental Goddess: Pagan Comics · 80 illustrated pages. Edited by Diane Conn Darling. Published in Spring 1998.

Available in classic paper by mail.

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