PanGaia #13 - Wicca 101

PanGaia #13 cover

PanGaia #13 - Wicca 101

Requiem for an Eco-Warrior: The Legacy of Judi Bari · Wheels That Heal: Psychology and the Chakra System · Death, Come Home: Pagan Fiction by James Fadiman · The Ten Bulls: Stages of the Spiritual Path · Path of the Loa: A History of Voodoo · The Nine Layers of Gaea: Spiritual Geology · Right Livelihood by Diane Conn Darling · Toe to Toe: Should Pagans Have Clergy? · Yared's Farm: Insights From a Pagan Farm · Gods of Our People: Apollo and Dionysus · EarthMother Stories: The Love of Demeter and Persephone · Wicca 101 · Seasons of the Earth: Harvest Rituals · Family Living: The Making of Instruments, Part 1 · Green Fire: Ecology vs. Automobiles · Mundane Magic: Mysticism in the Modern World · 80 illustrated pages. Edited by Diane Conn Darling. Published in Autumn 1997.

Available in classic paper by mail.


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