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When the 2 of Cups reversed has absolutely nothing to do with a romantic squabble…

The other morning I was running around trying to get my stuff together for an event I was going to later on in the day. Before I got too crazed and before the day got away from me, I sat down with a purpose: doing my morning meditation, my morning pages, and my card of the day.

After my meditation and my morning pages and pulling the card of the day, but before writing out my interpretation of the card of the day, my bestie called to say about 15 minutes before picking me up for our plans that she wasn’t picking me up after all… and that I’d have to find my way to the event we were both attending myself.

It wasn’t about the driving myself… got no problems doing that. It was the last-minute cancellation/change of plans that drove me nuts.

After seething a bit and complaining to my husband, I sat down to write my interpretation of the card of the day. I sat down and took a look at what I had pulled.

The 2 of Cups. Reversed.

So that’s what the 2 of Cups reversed meant… not the lover’s quarrel I was fully expecting after pulling that card. Nope. Not at all. It was the fight with someone else that I love deeply… just not in THAT way.

After taking the time to take a few deep breaths, writing down all my frustration, I sat down to write my card of the day interpretation:

Card of the Day: 2 of Cups (reversed) [Starchild Tarot]: Miscommunication, especially between people who love each other. This is a tough energy to explain today because of that phrase “a fine line between love and hate.”; What’s more frustrating: a spat between people who are known to not get along, or between besties or a couple? The first instance is par for the course, the second is all the more trying because it runs contrary to the norm of the relationship. Today, do your best to see it from another person's perspective, but don't deny hurt feelings, either. Talk it out. Make room for flexibility and give and take. Allow the conversation about boundaries to happen, because often misunderstandings occur when we aren’t clear with our own boundaries from the start, or allow our feelings for the person to trump established boundaries. Say what you mean, mean what you say, and allow all feelings to be honored. (On Instagram: @hilary_tarot)

Oh, tarot. This little lesson to look beyond the traditional meaning of a card is the very reason I both love and hate tarot! The card was right: I was just expecting irritation in love to come from a different source, because me and my bestie (and coincidentally, my coven-sister) rarely fight. The irritation was still bad enough that I considered not going to the event at all, staying home and stewing over the perceived rudeness of not enough notice. Thankfully, my logic and reasoning won out: it would be a shame to miss something I had been looking forward to for something as small and rare as a fight with my bestie.

In the end, I went, and expressed my irritation to her in person, starting with, "I love you, but I can't say that I wasn't incredibly irritated with you this morning." Airing out the issues before we stepped into circle was key: the circle is the metaphysical way of saying "leave your shit at the door, don't bring it in here."

I'm glad of the lesson the 2 of Cups reversed taught me that day. Though we love people, we cannot allow our feelings for that person to trump personal boundaries that shouldn't be crossed by anyone. What we CAN do is make sure when dealing with enforcing those boundaries, or expressing annoyance when lines are crossed, to start with the love we feel for that person first. Instead of tamping down and not expressing when someone I love does something annoying or wrong by me, I will start with, "I love you, but..." and say what I have to say.


Image courtesy of Pixabay.

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