Our planet needs all the love it can get. Treat her well and she will return the favor. I propose not just doing this, but throwing her a party as well. Round up a group of your closest pals not afraid to use the term "climate change," and volunteer to clean up a park or river in your neighborhood. Bring along the following to store in cars until you are finished with your day project: a loaf of fresh-baked bread, a large bottle of distilled water (plus extra for all of you), a pretty collected stone, a sage stick with matches or a lighter, a birthday cake (also preferably homemade with organic ingredients), a cutting utensil, recycled napkins, and 15 birthday candles. Have everyone attending bring one of the items listed so this is a united group effort.

Most parks should have a grill facility that you could use to set the smudge stick, if not, bring a small plate or dish to let it rest on and ensure that it goes out safely. When you and your amigos have staked out a picnic bench and brought out all of your packed supplies, light the sage stick and smudge each member of your gathering, clearing them of any residual negative energy. Cast a sacred circle around the group in the tradition that you use. Pass around the bread and have everyone break off a small piece. Leave pieces on different areas of the ground within your circle as an offering to earth's fellow creatures. Then pass around the designated water bottle and have each person sprinkle a little on the ground to nourish the grass and soil. 

Put the candles in the cake and light them. Let Mother Earth know how much you cherish and appreciate her. Acknowledge the presence of the four elements symbolized in your ritual. Thank them and any Gods and Goddesses that your group works with. Sing "Happy Earth Day to you," and have everyone present close their eyes and make a wish for our planet. Keep them secret! When you are ready, blow out the candles in unison. Cut up the cake and enjoy. Skip the plastic utensils and eat with your fingers off recycled napkins. 

When you are ready to leave, be sure to clean up the area you have used well. But leave behind the pretty stone after you ground and close the circle, as one last token of thanks. Here is a lovely recipe available to try courtesy of the Food Network for a "Cracked Chocolate Earth with Whipped Cream (Flourless Chocolate Cake)." http://www.foodnetwork.com/recipes/tyler-florence/cracked-chocolate-earth-with-whipped-cream-flourless-chocolate-cake-recipe.html


Photo "Eco Concept- Earth in Hands," by jannoon028 from http://www.freedigitalphotos.net/