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A Beltane for the Senses


Beltane is always an exciting time of year and I cherish it every time it rolls around. The possibilities of new endeavors, fun and frolic, and better things ahead always seem to crystalize between Earth Day and May 1st for me. There are many ways that you can choose to celebrate, whether it’s dancing around a local May Pole, just dancing with abandon with some good friends, having a sensual picnic with your loved one, or treating yourself with love to a flower-filled bubble bath and a good home-cooked meal. To me, this major Sabbat is about flooding all yours senses with all the good things you can handle. In short, do what truly makes you happy. Life is way too short to fritter away precious time doing things we think we’re supposed to do or ought to do. For once, set the obligations aside for just this one day and treat yourself. Think of it as a bonus birthday to yourself.


If you’re solo and finding yourself moody or glum, think back to the things that used to delight you as a child. There are certainly some activities that you can partake in that will simply and effectively put a grin on your face. It’s important to give yourself permission to let go and relax. Stop obsessing about mundane tasks, chores, and cleaning projects. I promise they will all still be there for the rest of the week. If you’ve been wanting to invite more love into your life, light a pink votive anointed with your favorite floral oil and meditate on the ideal lover you’d like to spend time with.


Actually lighting any sort of flame is very apropos for this fire festival. Besides candles, I’m always a big advocate of getting the fireplace or fire pit going. There’s something instinctually primitive and satisfying about this time-honored ritual. Plus, you can always cultivate your patience as you wait for the kindling to get the rest of the wood going, coaxing it into doing so. Burn old bills or paperwork you don’t need anymore. Feed the fire, feel it’s warmth, and let it nourish your soul with it’s strength. As you gaze into the dancing flames, imagine the shapes there of things you’d like to see ignite in your near future.


Sometimes our past is a good way to look back at how far we’ve come and who has held a strong influence on us along the way. I’m very fortunate to have reconnected with two dear friends of mine who did just that and led me to the wonderful world of witchcraft many moons ago. Jane and Breisa are my honored guests for my special “Beltane Brouhaha” episode, airing late afternoon this May 1st. We all gathered together where we met—in Chicago. The visit was every bit as delightful as I'd hoped it would be.


If strongly believe that if we remain open-hearted, open-minded, and open to possibilities—they are truly endless to us.


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Colleen DuVall has written articles, plays, short films, and a novel. Most recently, her work has been featured in her new blog, Off The Beaten Path for the Shepherd Express online (, and the Wisconsin Life radio show for WPR. She recently adopted a little grey and white cat named Tessa, after beloved 22-year-old Bootise passed on.


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