Flowers are powerful symbols.

They've been associated with wars (if even indirectly), frenzied consumerism (although most of Tulip Mania lore is false) and mysterious killings (e.g. The Black Dahlia). Flower symbols grace the pages of myriad sacred texts, stand-ins for personality traits and virtues. Some flowers were thought to be gods,  turned into blooms by angry fellow deities (e.g. Narcissus, Anemone, Myrtle)--or via deep (or unrequited) love (e.g. Poppy, Crocus, Heliotrope).

Many pagans, especially those of us who follow a Green Witch path, use all manner of flowers for healing, meditation, altar adornment, talismans, sigils and spellwork. We know "flower power" quite intimately.

I thought I'd share two new endeavors with you reflecting my love for flowers. On the Sacred Symbols blog here, I've shared a few posts about flower symbolism--but I didn't want to overrun it with just posts dealing with that topic.

So, I've started a brand new blog called Flower Witchery ( Several posts are already up. Stop on by to visit and comment. 


The second endeavor is my becoming a Greek Goddess.

What does it feel like to be an actual goddess? Especially one that has been ordered by Zeus to get a human job so as to become "more relevant" to mortals?

Flora cropped

I'm not 100% certain, but I'm getting a taste by playing the role of Chloris, Goddess of Flowers and Spring at the All in the Pantheon blog...and I'm having a blast! My fellow writers are so talented, too. We all met on Twitter, if you can believe it--are very active there. The All in the Pantheon Twitter account is here, if you'd like to follow along (and follow the gods).

Click here to read my introduction as Chloris. My first two posts--Save the Bees, You Daft Mortals and Doxxing Olympus Part I--can be found here and here.

Chloris smaller banner
Be sure to check out all the gods, goddesses, muses and monsters on this post. I guarantee that you won't be bored spending time with them! (By the way, if YOU would like to try your hand in voicing a god or goddess, click here for the application).

I'll be back here sharing some intriguing sacred symbols and their relevance (want to see a particular symbol or set of motifs covered? By all means comment below and let me know!) but, in the meantime, life is truly flowers, flowers everywhere.

-- Janet

Flower Witch