So this morning, the groundhog said we're going to have an early Spring. Later today, I heard claps of thunder for the first time in months, and the rain washed away all of the salt on my SUV. I started with a new agency a couple weeks ago, and I am now designated as "pre-license", as I am studying to move forward as a real estate broker. Ron even got me a new phone as a congratulations present - just the one I wanted but was holding off until I made more money. (I closed on my first lease with the new company yesterday!)

It has indeed been a whirlwind of preparation and change, which is just how I see the season. All year long, animals like squirrels store up food to get them by through the winter. By the time Winter arrives, a squirrel who did a great job will have the problem of too much of a good thing. They will bury nuts all over the forest, forgetting where many of them are buried. The following Spring, that mistake can become a blessing in disguise - planting unintentional seeds. Preparation and change. I hadn't planned on switching agencies as quickly as I did, but it was time to do so. The groundhog didn't plan on anything other than waking up this morning. El NiƱo is probably attributing to lots of change, including the storms around here instead of a blizzard. And yes, for people who pay attention to politics, a relatively no-name did a great job in Iowa. (Disclaimer: I am not much into politics, but that doesn't mean I don't pay attention.)

The thing is, the world is in a constant state of change. Some changes are subtle, like the first tiny knobs on a tree branch. Some changes are wildly noticeable, such as the first morning you step outside and see green grass everywhere after months of brown and white. How I handle the changes, big and small, determines where my life will go. It's certainly easier for me to adapt than it is for someone who's starting from nothing, or someone who has more hurdles. I just remind myself I know people personally who were given every opportunity, but because they were not able to adapt to change, they have problems I have a hard time envisioning for myself

And how am I able to adapt? I remain curious, and I am in a constant state of preparedness. I do not believe in worrying about things, I do not subscribe to crab mentality and I believe in "Me and Mine First". I always do the best of my ability, and I strive to do better - always raising the bar. And, after our needs are met, I give - kind of like when flight attendants say to secure your own mask before assisting others. By doing all of this, when changes come, I am much more capable of riding them out, and I often flourish!

Honestly for me, the biggest part of adaptation is just being curious. Some people would even say I can be downright nosy. I applied to (and was hired for) jobs I had no specific training for simply because they met very basic requirements, and each one of them taught me valuable life and job skills. Had I not worked at all of the places I have over the years, I do not feel I would be as confident as I am today.

So my question for you is this: What are you curious about, and how can you use that curiosity toward preparing for change?