Our temple Goddess wears a crown of Three Moons, and the disc in the center is a mirror.

Many are its meanings, but this foremost: that the Moon is Herself a mirror.

This morning, while offering the morning incense, I kept noticing little flashes of light in Her crowning mirror. As the familiar prayers, chants, and gestures of the ritual continued, I kept wondering (mildly irritated at the way that my mind kept wandering from what it was supposed to be doing): What the heck is causing those flashes of light?

Just as I began the concluding hymn, I realized what their source must be.

The flashes were reflections of the little silver goddess that I habitually wear around my neck, glinting in the rising light of day.

Smiling, I finished the hymn and made the final Earth-kiss.

Mirrors within mirrors within mirrors.