A Rite of Memorial and Crossing the River

Peter Bruner Soderberg

February 3, 1954 – June 1, 2014

 Sunday, August 31, 2014 (Labor Day Weekend)

East River Flats

Minneapolis, Minnesota

2:30 pm (prompt)

Rain or Shine

After-Party: Merlin's Rest

3601 East Lake St.


What to bring: flowers, drums, bubbles and the wherewithal to blow them, a chair if you want one, a staff or cane if you need one

The East River Flats are located off East River Parkway in Minneapolis. (Please note that this is not the same location as East River Flats Park. Your GPS will betray you.) The entrance is between Franklin Ave. and Lake Street, at the foot of the railroad bridge, more or less across the street from the Shriner's Children's Hospital (2025 E. River Pkwy). Descend via the driveway and follow the path along the bluff. Look toward the River, and follow sound of the drums.

While the Flats are wheelchair accessible, you'll need to cross sand to get to the ritual site. Please plan accordingly.