We have it from the mothers and fathers that Thunder is a powerful Protector.

To call on His might, stand tall. With your strong hand, reach up into over-heaven. Seize the lightning, and grasp it in your hand. With arm extended, pull it down to heart-height. See the flash, hear the roar, smell the superheated air.

Having brought down lightning, you must give it a ground. With arm still extended, move your clutched fist horizontally beneath the down-stroke to form the shape of an inverted T. For obvious reasons, this is mostly done from left to right.

As you do this, intone:

Thunder ward

 You may wish to specify:

Thunder ward this stead [door, etc.]


This warding may also be used at the farthings (quarters):


Thunder ward the North [etc.]


Here ends the Ax- (or Hammer-) Signing.