My Kemetic Reconstructionist friend was newly back from his long-awaited trip to Egypt.

He was furious.

“Damn those security guards!” he growled. “Any time I tried to do anything, they'd stop me! Rrr!”

While not uniquely a pagan problem, it is a distinctly pagan problem nonetheless. With our holy places in the hands of the jealous, what to do?

We discussed the situation. My suggestion was that next time, he make the offering in his head. On the astral, so to speak.

The security guard sees an American tourist standing there impassively.

Meanwhile, the old gods receive their due service.

Ideally, the inner offering should always accompany the outer. But better one than neither.

Sometimes it's time for the Sabbat, but you just can't manage to get there. Maybe it's not safe to go. What do you do?

Well, you schmeer on the dwale, lay yourself down, and fly off to the Dream Sabbat, that's what you do.

It may not be as good as actually being there.

But it's the next best thing.