Ye gods.

In 37 years, we've done a lot of Samhains together. But none like this one.

Naked and cold in the dark, in the cave.

Then the light flares, and the Mystery is revealed.

Of course, I already knew what the Mystery was; Hell, I'd helped write the ritual.

And still, it hit me like a thunderbolt, like love, with an impact frankly Eleusinian.

The mystery revealed in the dark. You see it, and you know that it's true.


If you're hoping that I'll tell you the Mystery, well, of course I can't. Not here, not now.

But really, I don't need to.

The secret heart of Samhain: you already know what it is.

In your heart of hearts—I who have beheld it with my own eyes swear to you—you already know what it is.