I am proud to say that I have now officially saved $1,378 dollars, fulfilling my pledge as part of the Pagan savings challenge.  Yes, I am proud, and I am also amazed that I actually pulled it off!  The fact that it has become more difficult in recent weeks tells me I found the right savings point for my own situation.  Did you find yours?

One thing -- well, two in concert, really -- that will complicate my release of this pent-up energy (by spending it on a fireplace insert, readers may recall) are these darned small bills.  I opted for using the smallest bills possible because it makes a bigger visual impact for each weekly post about my savings journey, but no one is going to be thrilled with me plunking down over a thousand bucks in ones and twos to buy anything, legal tender or not.  Most people would bring them to the bank to change, but nope, can't do that!  These bills are all marked and entered in the Where's George? site, which means that depositing them in the bank is a no-no.

Luckily, I have another side business as a money changer.  My hope is that I can convert these bills into larger denominations through that service, but I'm aware that my money has acquired some magical qualities, so I'm willing to just sell it to the public, too.  (Think of it as financial sourdough starter.)

Be well in your savings, friends.  I do not know if I will lead another challenge in the new year, but my next post should address that, so your feedback in the meantime is welcome.