Mythic Wisdom: A Greek Author’s Perspective

Connecting the past with the present has always been a powerful experience for me, maybe because I live in a land rich in history. In this blog I am going to explore a variety of topics, which I find deeply meaningful: women’s roles, gender and sexuality issues, activism, goddesses and gods, etc. By examining myths, symbols, and archetypal figures, I feel that we gain a fresh perspective on our lives and society. Ancient history, art, and literature can become amazing sources of inspiration. By learning from the wisdom of the past, we can transform ourselves and the world we live in.

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The Anti-racist Movement and Goddess Spirituality

As thousands of refugees are arriving to Greece from Syria, Iraq, and other countries, we see images that we've never witnessed before. Greeks are showing their solidarity in large numbers despite the efforts of Neo-Nazis, authorities, and the mainstream media. The poison of racism and Islamophobia is not finding fertile ground. All over Europe there's a massive movement in support of those who flee war, poverty, and oppression.

Anti-racist activists are preparing large mobilizations for March 19, the International Day against Racism. They're demanding the opening of the borders and the safe passage and stay of refugees and immigrants. Apart from Greece, rallies are going to take place in a series of other countries: Britain, Austria, Slovenia, Croatia, Poland, the Netherlands, France, Cyprus, Lebanon, and more.

Having been an activist for many years, I have first-hand experience on how mass movements can play a powerful role in the world. Not only do they help bring about social change, they also contribute greatly to our own, personal transformation. They lessen our feelings of helplessness and encourage us to reach out to others. They transcend borders and build solidarity.

Social change and personal transformation--isn't that what Goddess spirituality is about too? Social movements grow when they nourish and support each other. When activists who follow different paths connect and exchange ideas, they gain fresh perspectives and discover new strengths. If, on the other hand, they are cut off from each other, they end up feeling isolated and powerless.

Goddess advocates have long known that they can't limit themselves to battling sexism. Oppression takes many different forms and often targets ethnic and religious minorities. No true feminist can ignore these issues.

As March 19 is approaching, find out if an anti-racist rally is taking place near you. The Stand up to Racism website (, offers a host of useful information. If you can't participate in a demonstration, consider showing your solidarity to refugees and anti-racist activists any way you can. Think about the ways racism and Islamophobia manifest in your part of the world and consider different options for fighting against them. Collective action is our most effective weapon, but even small individual actions can make a difference.

Also, let's not forget to show our support to Goddess activists who are fighting oppression in its many forms. Books can be powerful tools in raising awareness and transforming people's minds. An effort well worth your attention is the Mago project of publishing three new books: She Rises: How ... Goddess Feminism, Activism, and Spirituality? (Volume 2), Seasons of the Goddess: Solstices and Equinoxes, and Mago Pilgrimage: Journey to the Primordial Home. You can read more about these books here. A crowdfunding campaign is currently under way, so please contribute to it if you can and help spread the word!

We all feel overwhelmed at times when seeing how much suffering exists in the world. Yet the suffering won't end unless we take action. Now is the time to join forces and make change happen!


Top picture: the banner reads "Refugees Welcome". From the demonstration for the International Day against Racism, March 2014, Athens, Greece. Photo taken by myself.


To learn more about my personal journey as an anti-racist and antifascist activist, please read my blog post "Fighting Fascists in the Streets of Athens."











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Harita Meenee is a Greek independent scholar of classical studies and women’s history. Her graduate studies were in the field of archetypal and women’s psychology. She works as a writer, translator and editor while also being a human rights activist. Harita has presented cultural TV programs and has lectured at universities in Greece and the US. She is the author of five books, as well as of numerous articles and essays published in Hellenic and international anthologies and magazines.


  • Yia Alias
    Yia Alias Monday, 14 March 2016

    Greetings Harita! Loved reading this article. Our treatment of refugees here in Australia does not sit well with Goddessians down under. There is a feeling of helplessness in the face of turn back the boats and the sending back of refugees, and the horrendous detention centres. The geography of this country makes it such that we are not immediately affected as we cant see the situation/people who are fleeing war zones as in Europe. On the up side, what I do see here is a beautiful interweaving of multi culturalism. Neighbours of a wide variety of cultures co habitate well in many suburbs, friendships are forming between such diverse nationalities. As a first generation Greek/Australian I have observed with pride how the Philoxenia of the Greeks to provide food and shelter for those in need. While the 'wealthier' baulk at the crisis. It was only recently that Greece was the bain of Europe, critisised and patronised. I want to thank you dear Harita for being a Voice that travels through net to remind us of true human values and the action needed to keep them. Europe could learn from the Philoxenia of the Greeks, it is a fundamental value, that though there is an ocean between us, our migrating parents instilled in us. Courage and Blessings to you and all that you stand for. Yia Alias

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