In Celtic lore, certain kinds of trees were called wishing trees.   Taoists refer to them as money trees;  either way, they can be giving trees. Choose from among these magical trees, or trust your intuition in arboreal matters:

Willow- for healing broken hearts

Apple- for divination and spellwork

Cherry- for romance

Oak- for strength and lust

Peach- for love magic

Olive- for peace

Aspen- for sensitivity

Eucalyptus- for purification


Gather together:

Plain white piece of paper


A stick of jasmine or rose incense

Write your wishes for prosperity and luck on the paper. Specificity is key and you should include the details of what you are asking for. If you need more money to buy a new laptop, write that down and it can be more than one wish.  Now, fold your wish paper into a square as small as possible bury the paper in soil by the *bottom of the tree Light the incense stick and place by the buried paper and pray aloud:

Tree of plenty; I ask you to give

More abundance and money so I can live,

I ask for ______(fill in blank) as it will truly help me.

With harm to none, so mote it be.

Repeat the spell twice and your wish will be put into effect.