Perhaps you are in a long distance relationship with someone speial who lives many miles away Long distance magic can be quite effective so try this ritual which has worked well for my circle.

Gather together:

A symbol to represent the object of desire

Pink or red flowers

Piece of paper


Small  bell or chime

Take a photo of your beloved or a symbol that represents him or her,, a gift she has given, or even one of her business cards and place it on a pedestal or table. Surround it with a small  belland a vase filled with one or more of these “flowers of fortune” such a pink daisies,  red roses or his or her favorite happy posy.

Take a piece of parchment and writeter full name and  speak the following spell:

On this earth and under these stars, I call upon the Gods  and Goddesses to bring us togehgter and good fortune and the energy of love  to ______ (your friend’s name).

Ring the bell

In this air and through these waters, speed here in the name of _____.

Ring the bell again.

Through the fire and through the rain, bring aid, goodwill, and bright blessings to _____ now.

Ring the bell  again.

As a group, send the positive energy to your dear one across the miles with by saying, “I love you, ____” and ring the bell vigorously one last time.