Although I am most fond of “vamber,” my vanilla and amber combination, I have recently moved into a sandalwood phase and am delighting in its powers.

In a glass bowl, stir together six teaspoons of powdered sandalwood and two cups of neutral oil, such as sesame or almond. Heat gently over a flame, taking care not to bring the mixture to boiling point. After cooling, place it in a colored-glass jar and seal securely.

Now you have an oil that is ruled by both the sun and the moon for use in protection and healing. An ideal way to use this in friendship magic is as a massage oil. A friend who receives a backrub using sandalwood oil will be a friend for life.

You can also use the oil to cast wishes for yourself and your friends through candle magic. Anoint a red candle (to spark love and devotion) with the oil and place it on your friendship altar. Speak your desire aloud three times and you are sure to receive what you ask for.