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Apples & Roots-they are common enough items and yet they have a great deal of magic, mythic, and folkloric value assigned to them-for healing, hexing, blessing, and all manner of ritual & religious uses.
That is the idea behind this blog-to fuse the everyday and seemingly ordinary life with the strong currents of your soul-work, spirituality, and magic. We will talk about religion, ritual, magic, divination-and how these mythic arts feed and inspire our lives and how our lives as a result grow richer, deeper, and more purpose flled.

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Mercurial Matters-How to Rock a Retrograde



Mercury in Retrograde-what is it?

The planet Mercury, like all planets follows an elliptical orbit. Three times a year for about 3 weeks (see a pattern?) there are times when Mercury appears to go backwards in its orbit (it doesn't really reverse course but it looks like it from our earthly vantage point.)

In Western Astrology the planet Mercury rules over communication, technology, organization and its the ruling planet of Virgo and the natural ruler of the 6th house-both of which are associated with health.

Mercury in Retrograde has a terrible reputation-people experience communication breakdowns, there are fights, there are lost hard drives, important agreements fall through, legal difficulties emerge and travel drama ensues-it can all be rather...unpleasant. 


However...Mercury in retrograde does not have to suck-in fact, it can be a hugely productive time if you keep a few things in mind:


The General Principle: Use Mercury in Retrograde to tie up loose ends, edit, refine, and organize. DO NOT use this time to start a new venture, embark on a fresh vision, or make any important contracts.


Now let's look at some specific life areas Mercury affects:

Magic-In magical systems Mercury in retrograde can actually work in your favor depending on what you are trying to accomplish. While not the best time to focus on road opening or communication work this can be an auspicious time for break up work or magic aimed at causing confused communication. If you want to go deeper look at where Mercury is in your natal chart and also pay attention to your 6th house-that might give you a clue about how you can work with Mercury magically.




Relationships-Obviously communication effects all of us and it especially effects our relationships to one another. During a retrograde be especially patient with others-do not assume that you know what someone else means, wait for them to explain-if needed ask them to explain. This is also NOT the time to have big "where are we going" conversations, especially in romantic relationships-wait until Mercury goes direct.




Money & Business-Mercury in retrograde can work great for your money matters if you know what angle to approach them from-its traditionally considered a wonderful time to start up a savings account, a great time to make payment on debt and to pay outstanding bills-generally, its a time for financial "catch up." The first retrograde of this year starts on 2/23 and for many of us we are in the process of assembling our tax information-the planet's retrograde can actually work in our favor in this case!

However, its not the best time to start a new investment, back a new venture, or buy a new high ticket item-save on!


In business Mercury in retrograde is perfect for refining, editing, and organizing. Organize your office space, follow up with clients or accounts that you may have lapsed, go back over to fine tune and finish off projects that have been half done for months.

This is NOT the time to sign contracts, make legally binding agreements, and start new collaborations.




Travel & Transportation-The Roman God Mercury was the patron of many aspects of life including travel. Mercury in retrograde is not the best time to book travel and if you can stay at home do-however if you cannot then make sure to pack an extra suitcase with essential items-toothbrush, toothpaste, athame-you know. This is a good time to get your vehicle checked out, tuned up, and taken care of, but do not purchase a new vehicle at this time. Generally doing safe travel work during Mercury in retrograde is sensible.




Health-Another wonderful opportunity during Mercury in retrograde is to get your health checked out-remember Mercury ruled Virgo and the 6th house which deal with health. You know how we never seem to have time for doctor and dentist appointments? Book them during the three annual Mercury in retrogrades and you are set!




Technology-Back that drive up. Seriously, this is probably one of the most painful aspects of Mercury in retrograde-the loss of files, documents and other important information. Use one of the wonderful cloud drives we now have access to and keep all your vital information safe. 



The dates for 2013 Mercury in Retrograde are:

  • February 23–March 17
  • June 26–July 20
  • October 21–November 10


Now you are ready to rock on with your retrograde self!




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Howdy! I am full time intuitive counselor & root magic ritualist living in San Antonio, Texas with my amazing family. My website, Milagro Roots is a popular destination, featuring my latest writings on spirituality, ritual, magic, nature, and divination. I run a small in-house spiritual boutique where I craft ritual oils, cleansing baths, sachet powders, charms, amulets, charm bags, and botanical talismans for clients around the world using many herbs, roots, and zoological finds that I cultivate and grow myself. My writing has been featured on the Association of Independent Readers and Rootworkers (where I am one of the founding members), Elephant Journal, Roots of She, Kind Over Matter, Witches and Pagans, and Plant Healer Magazine. I sometimes refer to my work as high-end hedgewitchery–because I work with many established professionals and artists who wish to use intuitive arts like Tarot and ritual earth-based magic to improve their lives. Everyday I wake up and feel so incredibly blessed to be doing the work that I know I was meant to do-whether its working in the garden, cuddling with my son and beloved husband, or talking to the most fantastic clients ever–every moment is saturated with love & devotion to my calling and those who make my work possible.


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