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Location, location, location... Why where you read is important

a1sx2_Thumbnail1_Hilary-Parry_12A_window.jpgMy card of the day pulls last week had a very similar theme. They related directly to the weather phenomena we were experiencing in New York. If you’ve been living under a rock, you are one of the few people that haven’t heard of Superstorm Sandy that tore through many places (including the Eastern Coast) a few weeks ago.

This direct correlation of card interpretations to the weather surprised me, because usually when I pull my card of the day, it corresponds to more intellectual or personal situations and not what Mother Nature is doing. Normally I select my card of the day when I’m sitting in front of the computer…

That’s when I realized the difference. Every day of the storm (and prior to it) I was standing at the large window in my living room overlooking my neighbor’s yard. Seeing the sky, clouds, trees, ground… And then in the days that followed, the destruction that was left in Sandy’s wake.

Location, location, location. Sometimes what’s going on in your surroundings is a more pressing vibe then anything personally you are experiencing, and the cards will pick up on this clear as day. I wouldn’t consider it any different than when you can feel the tension in a room after an argument occurs.

How can you use the surroundings to your advantage while reading for yourself?

  • Conduct a reading in the bedroom for a read on your love life or current relationships
  • Conduct a reading in the kitchen or bathroom (whichever you associate most with) health readings
  • Conduct a reading in the living room for friendship readings (the heart of home/hospitality)

Keep in mind to make your surroundings as calm and uncluttered as possible… clutter tends to affect emotions and muddles up the reading. Whenever trying to read a situation, read in a space of neutrality… and if neutrality is not to be found in the space you’re in currently, relocate where you are reading or bring that neutrality to the space mentally by meditating. Perhaps your reading space needs a bit of elbow grease or sage/incense to restore an energetic calm to it. Do this prior to reading, and you find your readings to be much more effective, accurate, and focused.



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