From the Oak: Let’s hear it for the God!

Many are those that focus on female divinities, leaving male divinities in the shadows if they get mentioned at all. This is a shame. Here I will share my thoughts, stories and prayers on male divinities. Currently focusing on divinities placed in an atheist "graveyard".

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The Price of Freedom


Ares is not a very popular god.  I'd say in a lot of areas he is pretty reviled.  People need to keep in mind that the gods can give or they can take.  Ares is not only the bersker, the bloody warrior, the lover of battle.  He is also the protective father, the defender of the home and land, the policeman.  Some areas would chain his statue as a representation that they wanted him kept close to their home in order to defend it.  If you believe that he is the same as Mars, then he also has agricultural aspects (which makes a lot of sense, since blood is a really good fertilizer).  But today, I'm not here to discuss Ares but to offer a prayer to him.


Today is Memorial Day in the US.  Today is the day we remember that the price of freedom is paid for by the vigilance of our soldiers.  Today we honor the men and women for their efforts on our behalf.  Traditionally, this day is about the dead.  But now, more than ever, I think we need to remember the living too. Many returning soldiers suffer from PTSD and find that "reintegrating" into life back home is too difficult.  They often commit suicide.  I offer Ares the below prayer, that he may aid and protect our soldiers, whether away or here at home.

Ares, god of
of Zeus and Hera
forceful and strong
god of tumult and confusion
delighting in battles
and the chaos caused.
Hated by many
yet where do they turn
when defense is on the line?
Chained, are your statues
to keep your might close.
Handsome, Beloved of Aphrodite
and protective father are you.
Protect our soldiers
while away,
while at home.
Aid them in their roles
whether warrior, lover or parent.
Let not their battle readiness
lead them to pointless strife.
Aid your children.
Show them how to rest
how to unwind and let go
even as you do
in your beloved’s bower.
As they stow their weapons
let not memories of the past
be their undoing
having survived thus far.
I ask this of you
oh might Ares.

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I'm an eclectic polytheist whose main divinities are Heru-ur, Bast, Sobek, Yinepu Isis, Zeus-Serapis, and Yemaya. I'm a mother, wife and Librarian living in the Rocky Mountains stumbling on my path and wondering what the heck I'm doing. Blessed be.


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