Soul Reading for the Week Ahead

Each week I delve into the energy of the week ahead in a video reading and blog detailing the oracle card guidance within the video to help you move forward or stand still in a way that benefits you and the world around you in a positive and healing way.

Card 1: Libra Goddess - Benzaitan (Zodiac Goddess Power Deck

Affirmation: I am a peaceful mediator seeking justice for all.

Libra Goddess ~ Benzaitan
Dragon Lover
Mating cry
White snakes hover
Beauty flies
Divine balance
In the sky
Guiding talent
Battle cry.

Benzaitan or Benten was one of the seven Japanese divinities of good luck also known as the Dragon Woman and Queen of the Sea, often appearing surrounded by a retinue of white snakes. Benzaitan brings inspiration, talent, wealth and romance to those who honor her.

Card 2: Perdida Kept Her Fishy Stories To Herself (Lefty Oracle Deck)

All deck are hand painted by me and are available for purchase (except for the Herbal Deck).

Card 1: Libra Goddess - Benzaitan (Zodiac Goddess Power Deck

Mantra: I am at peace.
Affirmation: A secret is a treasure I guard with my heart.
Element: Water

When this card appears in a reading it suggests that you need to share less of yourself with others. Are you over extending yourself right now? It’s time to make space and time for you even if it’s only one minute a day. Set aside a specific time of day starting today because YOU deserve it.

In my own life I start my day by devoting time to meditation, scrying, homework and writing my daily to-do list in my journal along with the phase and sign of the moon. By doing this first thing I take advantage of my peak energy point of the day and this helps start my day off right by aligning me with my higher purpose in tune with Mama Moon and the Divine.

Card 3: Chinchilla (Elfin Ally Oracle Deck)

Keyword: Magic
Meaning: Your intuition is your guide.
Reversed: You are asleep and not dreaming.

Affirmation: My eyes are filled with stars.
Astrology: Jupiter
Element: Fire

Medicine: Your starry wisdom leads the way into Otherworlds for we trust your vision to guide us.

Lore: In the sweet close of day she shared her starry secrets with Chinchilla, her ally who comforted her with a curious listening stillness that calmed her heart.

I am a happy Elf Princess with a sweet, toothy Chinchilla by my side; lucky me when it’s cold outside! I protect her from the rain and hot sun and she protects me so I can dream and dance with the stars and then share my visions with my people who trust them above all else when it comes to making a home in faraway lands.

Card 4: Heather (Fairy Herbal Cat Healing Deck)

Heather is an herb of immortality ruled by the planet Venus and the Goddess Isis. Heather also has a long history of helping to conjure ghosts. Heather is also a valuable herb for those who pursue initiatory paths, as they work to unfold the inner self.

About Kathy Crabbe

I am a soul reader, spirit medium, astrologer and artist located in sunny Southern California. All things witchy, magickal, creative and inspirational are my tools along with deep insight and healing to help you move forward Healthy, Whole and Holy.

I work with 5 hand painted, self published oracle decks & I paint kitty portraits too. Chakra Cleansing, Prayers, all things witchy, magickal, creative & inspirational are my tools. Deep insight & healing to help you move forward Healthy, Whole and Holy. I teach a Moon eClass at Wise Woman School founded by Susun Weed. In business since 1993 I’m an initiate of the Celtic Faerie Shaman Tradition.
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