Daily Moon Vibes: Flow in Tune with Mama Moon!

Astrologer + artist, Kathy Crabbe tunes into Mama Moon as she cycles through all 12 signs of the zodiac each month. Kathy shares these insights and transits with you to help awaken and strengthen your intuition. Included are affirmations and spirit animal medicine from her Elfin Ally Oracle Deck and Lefty Oracle Deck.

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New Moon in Scorpio Reading

Dear Moon Muser

Happy New Moon! Enjoy my Scorpio Moon Video and blog to help you tune in and resonate with this New Moon as well as set your intentions for the moonth ahead.

Once again this year I'm having a HUGE Blowout New Moon Cyber Sale of all original artwork from the Zodiac Goddess Power Deck Series plus some books and note cards too. Click here for the sale and use this code at checkout: SACRED

As always, I suggest watching my Video first to guide you in the week ahead and then checking out the oracle cards from my own hand painted oracle decks in the blog below.

Sparkly Blessings!
Kathy Crabbe
Soul Reader, Artist, Astrologer
Temecula, California, 2020

Zodiac Goddess Cards for the Week Ahead

Card 1: Scorpio Goddess - Brigid (Zodiac Goddess Power Deck) Nov. 13-15

Affirmation: I know the power of deep magick.

Brigid’s reign as sacred muse
spans centuries timeless truth
Priestess or nun
tending her fire
Brigid’s power
always inspires.

Brigid is one of the few early goddesses to survive intact through the Christian era. Brigid means ‘bright one’ as symbolized by fire. She is worshiped as a Triple Goddess by the Celtic Irish, called Brigantia in England, Bride in Scotland and Brigandu in Celtic France. In her ancient form as carrier of the cauldron she was ruler of smithcraft, poetry, inspiration, healing and medicine. The Christian Saint Bridget is often invoked as both muse and healer in continuation of her ancient rites and her rituals were preserved for more than 1000 years after she ceased to be called a goddess. Today little is left of the ancient Celtic legends describing her.

Card 2: Sagittarius Goddess - Artemis (Zodiac Goddess Power Deck) Nov. 15-17

Affirmation: I seek freedom from all oppression.

Artemis, Artemis,
Goddess of the wood
You are bows and arrows, death and birth
Midnight revels and pregnant mirth.
Wild woman, child, hunter of beast,
We find our true self when we dance at your feast.

Artemis is the virgin moon-goddess roaming the forest with her band of nymphs, bearing the bow and quiver, avoiding men and killing any male who looks upon her. She was also known as the many-breasted Artemis of Ephesus, a symbol of fecundity. As the warlike Artemis she is said to have been the special goddess of the Amazons.

Card 3: Capricorn Goddess (Zodiac Goddess Power Deck) Nov. 17-19

Capricorn Meditation: Focus your energies to allow creation.

Capricorn Affirmations

  • I am self-disciplined, logical, persistent and efficient

  • I am strong and I will endure

  • I am ambitious, responsible and secure

  • I am grounded and compassionate

  • I am a success in everything I do

Get Serious

- Ground your intentions through right action in the material world
- Strengthen your willpower and commitment to purpose
- Channel your ambitions in accord with your duties
- Let will rather than appetite shape your life
- Bring laughter and healing to the world
- Embrace humor and caution

Card 4: Cleavers (Kitty Herbal Healing Deck Coming in 2021)

For those about to begin a new phase of life, this is the calm before the storm. Take Cleavers as a tea before you set out on your journey and ask for guided dreams.

Card 5: Snow Goose (Elfin Ally Oracle Deck)

Keyword: Longing
Meaning: There is an unexpected message from afar that you need to hear.
You are hiding from the truth or someone is fooling you.

Affirmation: I am on the move.
Astrology: Moon, Neptune, Pisces
Element: Water

Medicine: Your cheery call remind us all to keep going no matter how long the path.

Lore: Snow Goose calls her from afar. She is here with her star. Pink, rosy cheeked memories of toques and tongues keep her warm. She is far from home. Her sustenance, the pines whisper reminders, "pssst you are a Northern creature." Nothing can stop her from feeling this in her bones.

Hearing your call gets this elf packing for lighter, brighter climes. You are my guiding star, always bold, alert and not shy to remind me to get my bum in gear! It’s that travellin’ time of year.

Card 6: Carla Has Heart (Lefty Oracle Deck)

Mantra: My heart is open.
Affirmation: I am all heart in tune with the universal flow.
Element: Water

Heart to heart with open arms
I share
myself with you.

I am an open book, comfortably
intimate and revealing.

I expect nothing in return.
Just being with you here and now is all I ask.

Believe in me.
I trust you with my heart.

If this card appears in a reading get ready for the sun to shine upon you and all your endeavours. You have accomplished a lot in a short time and your heart is full and spilling over. Share this good feeling with others just by being in their presence. Your good vibes will raise the energy level of all you touch.

In my own life I try to share my own heartfelt, positive energy through my art. If it lights me up inside I can only hope it will do the same for others.

About Kathy Crabbe

I am a soul reader, spirit medium, astrologer and artist located in sunny Southern California.

I work with 5 hand painted, self published oracle decks & I paint kitty portraits too. Chakra Cleansing, Prayers, all things witchy, magickal, creative & inspirational are my tools. Deep insight & healing to help you move forward Healthy, Whole and Holy. I teach a Moon eClass at Wise Woman School and I write and illustrate for Witches & Pagans and SageWoman Magazine. In business since 1993 I’m an initiate of the Celtic Faerie Shaman Tradition.



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I believe in dreams, creativity AND inspiring my peeps to awaken intuition and joy, no matter what. As a practicing astrologer + artist for the past 26 years I’ve learned a thing or two and I’d love to share that with you! Creative tools such as my Daily Moon Vibes, Oracle Decks and Astrology Reports will help to awaken your intuition, which is essential for navigating these often crazy times. Learn more here: kathycrabbe.com


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