I lost my big, beautiful, black dog Abby this week and didn’t know if I’d be doing these Soul Reading Videos any longer, but instead I painted and wrote and composed a song for her and I share this with you in today’s blog and video dedicated to my girl Abby and to Love. May you find love wherever you can, for love IS everything.

As always, I suggest watching the video first so the cards below make sense.

Blessed Be,
Kathy Crabbe
Artist, Astrologer, Soul Reader

Zodiac Goddesses for the Week Ahead
from the Zodiac Goddess Power Deck

Aquarius Goddess Meditation

Aquarius is the knowledge that all we do effects humanity.
We are humanity. We are love.
A new vision is birthed from the old.

Pisces Goddess Meditation

To feel love is pure warmth, wholeness, open-ness, selfless-ness, shameless, guiltless joy – that is love.

Aries Goddess: Kali

Time of Year – Spring, March 21 - April 19
Quality – Cardinal
Element – Fire
Ruler – Mars
Anatomy – Head
Natural sign of – 1st House
Opposite sign – Libra
Color – Red
Gemstones – Amethyst, diamond, fire opal, garnet
Tarot cards – The Emperor, The Empress
Goddesses – Amazons, Fuji, Kali, Sekhmet, Valkyries

Aries Meditation

Fire God, Fiery Goddess,
Red the path to your heart’s desire,
Lead the way to your soul’s fire.

Aries Affirmations

  • I embody spring fire

  • I am true to my path and my inner convictions

  • I am erotic and independent

  • I am a primal, revolutionary rebel

  • I am adventurous, assertive and courageous

  • I am the Divine Warrior

  • I remember who I truly am even if it bothers others

Aries Goddess ~ Kali

Kali the destroyer
Wants my heat
To dance destruction
with her feet.

Spirit Animal For the Week Ahead (Elfin Ally Oracle Deck)

Keyword: Stealthy
Meaning: You are answering a deeper calling, one that is greater than yourself.
Reversed: Don’t waste your time on petty rivalries.

Affirmation: I am one fierce feline.
Astrology: Mars, Sun
Element: Fire

Medicine: Your smile reaches us deep inside where our purr lies coaching us out of a funk and back into life again.

Lore: Each time the BIG CAT called her name, by Sun, by Heat, by Flame, she'd pause and remind herself; She. Was. Brave. So brave, that her fears had to run to catch up with her. Though her heart might pound, this party was Hers and the Devil wasn't allowed.

She was a Hot SUN Elf Priestess that travelled with Black Panther as her ally and friend. He warned her of danger, kept her safe, and allowed her time to dance and dream and make magic. He was a sweetheart too and she loved his big, soft sleekness on cold nights when her elf ears turned blue in the cold. Sometime his big pink tongue lapped her face until her brain quieted down and she fell asleep, hugging him to her; she was never alone or lonely, not any more.

About Kathy Crabbe

I am a soul reader, spirit medium, astrologer and artist. I offer soul readings and oracle decks to awaken your intuitive heart. All things witchy, magickal, creative and inspirational are my tools along with deep insight and healing to help you move forward Healthy, Whole and Holy.