Dear Moon Muser,

It’s the New Moon in Aquarius on Feb. 11 at 11:06 am PST and I’ve created a Video Astro/Soul Reading with Cat Herbal cards, a Spirit Animal of the month, some Aquarius Goddess energy plus loads of Astro info too. Time to get relaxed, ground, center and set your intentions for the moonth ahead plus pick-a-card to help bring more healing, compassion, joy and energy into your life.

Sparkly Blessings!
Kathy Crabbe

Astrology + Soul Reading Video for the Aquarius New Moon

Aquarius New Moon Goddesses (Zodiac Goddess Power Deck)

Aquarian Meditation

Aquarius is the knowledge that all we do effects humanity.
We are humanity. We are love.
A new vision is birthed from the old.

Aquarius Affirmations

  • I seek out unusual people and experiences.

  • I overstep my boundaries to create the unusual and manifest my dreams.

  • I teach unconditional love.

  • I believe in the limitless possibilities of life.

  • I am called to the circle where I tend the web of community.

  • I am a force for change.

Cat Herbal Reading

Card 1: Comfrey

Comfrey relates to the base chakra, the place where energy is stored and where potential is kept.  It is an herb of Saturn and of the element earth and is helpful for those who lack structure and form in their lives and who need to develop within themself a solid base from which to start out.  It can help bring a sense of order to chaos. It is a powerful healer of wounds and can also help to heal emotional traumas, especially where loss is involved.  It provides a soothing and grounding protective layer, while the person heals.  Also known as Hecuba’s bells it is used in rituals of the dark moon where rituals of power and wisdom are used to root aspirations and manifest them in the world. 

Card 2: Valerian

Valerian calms the nerves, provides protection, a better sleep and helps with fear that can block creativity and self expression. It brings courage and stamina, balancing the mind and emotions. Use in love sachets and window charms against evil.

Card 3: Fennel

Fennel has the ability to protect one’s home and family. Taking Fennel as a magical tonic will bring the ability to have a long life, face danger and be strong in the face of adversity. It is also said to help one meditate and maintain fertility and virility.

About Kathy Crabbe: A natural born psychic- medium and astrologer for 20 plus years I work with self-painted oracle decks to help you move forward Healthy, Whole and Holy.

If you are seeking answers, healing, inspiration and spiritual guidance you may want to consider a soul reading, past life reading or ancestor/spirit guide reading for further insight.