We often perform house blessings and garden blessings. A house blessing may protect the home and those in it. A house blessing may bring prosperity and success to those who dwell within.

A garden blessing may increase fertility and the abundance of the harvest. It may offer health and wealth to those who visit the garden.

It is simple to offer blessings to the home and garden with tarot. One way to do this is with disposable tarot images - cards that you do not need to return to a working deck.

Disposable tarot images can come from your computer's printer. They can come from a "broke deck," that is, a deck already missing cards and therefore unsuitable for reading.

I have often purchased inexpensive mini-decks to use the cards in magick.

To bring blessings to your home you can simply hang appropriate tarot images on your walls. If you would rather, you can hide a tarot card or two under a rug or in a couch cushion.

You may choose different tarot cards to bless different rooms depending on the purpose of the room.

You can bury tarot images in your garden or place them under statuary or rocks.

If you would rather do something less permanent you can carry the image as you walk around the house or within a specific room, or walk around the garden.

There are some specific tarot cards you can use for the blessing of home and garden.

The Ten of Pentacles is the real estate card. Use this in magick associated with buying and selling property to assure success. This card also offers the blessing of wealth and strong family legacy to your home.

The Nine of Pentacles is a great card for the garden. Use it to insure that your garden will be a place of safety and serenity.

If you want to become pregnant place an image of the Empress in your bedroom. In the garden the Empress will bring a fine harvest.

The Four of Wands will aid in the success of a marriage.

The Ten of Cups will bring happiness to the family.

If you have a room where you write or make art use the Ace of Wands to inspire creativity.

If you work at home the Three of Pentacles will help to create a space where your work will be productive.

By incorporating tarot into your home you are adding magickal support for you and your family. You can be creative in your card choices and in the way you choose to include the cards in your home. The idea behind this is simple. Each tarot card attracts a specific energy. By having specific cards in your home or garden you will attract the desired energy to the appropriate place.