Much magick is born in the moment of necessity. This month, my immediate need was to find something interesting to entertain and enlighten my monthly community tarot group.

I don’t always like to take credit for my great ideas, because often they don’t feel like my own. Often, they feel like a gift from the Universe.

The idea that came to me for my tarot group was to create a magickal tarot tree.

I’ll share with you what we did, and what happened. The picture is the actual tree that we created.

Feel free to let this story inspire you for your own holiday tarot magick. Obviously, there is no right or wrong way to do this, so do what feels right to you!

Under the actual holiday tree that was decorated in our community room, I set up a table with a table cloth.

From my tarot deck, I pulled the Star and the Ace of Pentacles. I placed the Ace of Pentacles at the lower part of the tabletop. This would represent the root of our tree. I placed the Star at the top. This would be the star atop our tree.

I thought, too, that instead of the Star I could use Judgement, or Temperance. Either angel would make sense on the top of our tree. I chose to keep the Star because a star topper is my personal preference for holiday trees, and the abundant healing energy available in the Star seemed appropriate.

I am sure there are other cards I could have chosen for the “grounding” card, to describe the trunk and root of the tree. But what is more grounding, or more root-like, than the Ace of Pentacles?

I asked each group member to look through their decks and cognitively choose two cards. One card would represent something they wanted to manifest for themselves. The other card would represent something they wanted to manifest for the world.

When each person was ready, they approached the table and laid their cards on it, to help fill in the shape of the tree.

When everyone had added their cards, we stood around the table. Each person stated their reason for choosing the cards they did. Each statement made was a magickal affirmation to which we all said “So Mote it Be!” and “Aho!”

We drank a toast to our Yule tarot tree, and to the magick we had created, for ourselves and the world.
It was interesting, but not surprising,  that many of the card choices had themes like “love” and “peace”.

People were unprepared for the beauty of our tarot tree. Because each person used their deck of choice, the card colors, sizes and images were varied. That variety mirrored the diversity in the room, and on the planet.


Together, those diverse cards blended together, to make one beautiful, magickal tree.