1. Where’s my sage?

  2. Where’s my pendulum?

  3. Honey, I need to use one pendulum to find the OTHER pendulum! [is it bad that this actually worked?]

  4. I’m sorry that you don’t like this incense: the spirits like it, and they will have their daily offering one way or the other!

  5. Did you throw out that food? YOU THREW OUT MY OFFERING!

  6. I’m not messy: I can put my hand on any pile and find exactly what I’m looking for! [just me? Anyone? Bueller?]

  7. No, honey, there’s no such thing as too many books.

  8. Yes, I NEEDED another tarot deck.

  9. Don’t touch that jar in the freezer: it’s a spell.

  10. Is that a spell you’re working on, or are you cooking dinner?





Image courtesy of pixabay.

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