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That Was Then, This is Now: The Magic of Personal Responsibility

head_Angie.Skelton_al103In the spring of 1996 an elderly friend (who happened to be a witch) and I exchanged words back and forth in our favorite Middle Eastern restaurant. We’d had our meal, paid up, and were talking as friends do, over a final cup of tea. I was complaining about life: I was tired of working seven days a week in a job that I was completely burned out on. Life had another plan for the man I desired, and the man I didn’t desire wouldn’t go away!

My friend, a very wise woman, sat there for a while and listened to me rant before she interrupted. “What is your part in all this?” she inquired gently. I sat there, defenses up, but speechless, so she continued. “Your circumstances may seem out of control, but they are all connected to the past. If you see your part in the past and resolve your issues, things will change for you.”

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