Planet Passion

Planet Passion
by Ancient Future
Ancient Future Music, 1979

My first thoughts upon listening to this CD and the concept behind it were rather vague. I liked the music and the artist’s arrangement of traditional ethnic songs, but I wasn’t quite sure if I could follow the story on the insert through the voice of the music. It wasn’t, well, real enough for me to intuit the emotions meant to be displayed in song, but then, I will freely admit that this is not a style I’m accustomed to. So I hit play again on my faithful CD player and went for a long drive.

When I’d finished with it for the second time, I realized why the interplay of music and story seemed so distant to me — it employs an elaborate dance of music I associate with older, traditional Celtic or Welsh ballads.

The story spun by the chapters on the insert is woven very delicately in the song, and I am reminded of a version of Peter and the Wolf put to a Mozart arrangement I used to watch when I was very little. From what little experience I do have with this kind of media — the telling of a story through music — I have to say that it seems like a very difficult thing to pull off, especially with the type of Eastern Indian and African traditions used here. But I commend Ancient Future on their accomplishment in making the story of Planet Passion flow beautifully.

Even if you can’t appreciate the story behind it, the mixture of original and rearranged traditional song is perfectly enjoyable.


RATING: 3 ½ Broomsticks

» Originally appeared in newWitch #01

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