We All Have A Song

We All Have A Song
by Heather Pierson
Vessel Recordings, 2008


Before I begin this review, I want you, gentle reader, to understand something. Our beloved Managing Editor (whom I like to refer to as Our Dark Lord on High) is fond of giving me material to review that he thinks will be intolerable. Today, I am happy to report, his dark plans have been thwarted.

This album is a collection of pseudo-Native American chants performed in drum and rattle by the artist. It was obviously performed and mastered in someone’s basement, and I was ready to write a scathing review when I first listened to it. Then I listened to it again, paying close attention to the music and the voice of the artist.

Surprise! I will admit that the lyrics are rough, even amateurish. But the passion behind them, and the skill with which the accompanying music is performed is remarkable.

Given the fact that this is a self-produced album, I am willing to forgive the production quality. Had the artist chosen to perform traditional Native American chants for her project, I feel her true talents would have shone through. As it stands, I will be waiting for this young musician to grow into her talent. If you have the tolerance to hear well-performed music and a passionate voice sing poor lyrics, I highly recommend this CD.


RATING: 3 Broomsticks

» Originally appeared in newWitch #01

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