Live Devotion

Live Devotion    
by Ménage a Music
Ménage a Music, 2007


Robin Renee’s Live Devotion is a beautiful, healing prayer of devotion to the Divine Feminine. Kirtan chanting and devotional songs are part of an ancient practice that allows us to let go of the chattering mind and access deeper states of consciousness. Vocalist and musician Renee blends traditional Indian instruments and chanting with modern instruments and arrangements. The result is a gorgeous CD that soothes the spirit, heals the heart, and is the perfect complement to meditation, yoga, and ritual.

In the opening cut, “Jai Ma,” tabla and vocals lead an evocation of the Supreme Love as aspected by a number of Hindu goddesses (devi), punctuated by the mantra “Om devi” as Laksmi, Sita, Durga, Kali, and Laksmi are called. “Om Sri Laksmi” is an uptempo call for abundance, intelligence, and infinite love. Things start rocking with a funky, Western bass line during “Sita Ram” and chill out as the tranquil and moving “Vanamali Hari” celebrates the erotic sweetness of the universe. This is one gorgeous song. “Chant (Words and Music)” is the only song in English, and Renee’s lyrics here are a universal invocation of the Elements (“the earth and the air and the fire and the sea” is the refrain) with an infectious percussion groove as djembe and doumbek join tabla and voices. This tune would be perfect for raising energy.

Live Devotion is more than just acoustic folk with an Eastern twist. Robin Renee is a vocalist and musician of considerable gifts, which she offers up lovingly to the Infinite. Very highly recommended.


RATING: 5 Broomsticks

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