Hidden Power

Hidden Power    
by Robin Brock
A2 Records/The Rock Empire, 2003


Canadian Goddess rocker Robin Brock is getting the best press of anyone you’ve probably never heard of. A powerful voice, a powerful presence, an award-winning songwriter, a spirit-driven, Goddess loving artist, Brock is an up and coming mainstream artist whose latest CD, Hidden Power, is getting enthusiastic press all over Canada and Europe, and airplay on commercial and internet radio.

Toronto’s Seemagazine exults, “Brock’s voice puts other Canadian vocalists to shame” and UK’s Phase 9 Music calls Hidden Power an “impressive powerhouse” of a CD. Described as “dynamic,” “raw and powerful,” and “vital,” and favorably compared to Shania Twain, Ann Wilson of “Heart,” and Pat Benatar, Brock is attracting a lot of attention for her passionate, har- rocking style and powerful lyrics. Her sophomore effort, Hidden Power, showcases a rare musical talent: confident, self-assured, and elegant even in its roughest moments.

Brock’s got stage presence and brings competence and passion to her rock and roll. Hidden Power moves effortlessly from hard-rocking jams to introspective ballads. This is rock-and-roll, heavy on the metal. Driving guitar licks and thunderous bass ground Robin’s sweet as honey voice. Brock has one of the best rock vocalist voices ever. Her writing chops are solid, Hidden Power’s instrumentation is rich and perfectly engineered, but it’s Robin’s voice that steals the show.

In her liner notes, and most explicitly in “Goddess of Rock and Roll,” Brock acknowledges the Goddess and the mysteries of the Universe for guiding her and inspiring her talent. It is great to see popular Pagan entertainers acknowledge their Paganism, especially when they are not producing “Pagan” music. Hidden Power is not for meditation and would probably not work as background music to a Moon circle, but Brock’s connection to the Divine is evident in her passionate songs and beautiful voice. This may be the first time you’ve heard of her, but I bet it won’t be the last.


RATING: 4 Broomsticks

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