The Seasons Unfold

The Seasons Unfold
by Tor Lundvall
Strange Fortune, 2007

A perennial favorite on NPR’s “Echoes” and “Hearts of Space” radio programs, electronic musician Tor Lundvall’s evocative “ghost ambient” has been steadily growing in popularity in the music underground and in the indie press. Lundvall is credited with producing some of the most accessible electronica out there, but with an evocative, mysterious quality that saves it from degenerating into “aimless chill out.” Instead, Lundvall masters each track to create an atmospheric soundscape that is mesmerizing and textural, a cut deeper than most content-free ambient.

Following the surprise success of his Empty City album (2006), rave reviews and increased buzz have prompted his label, Strange Fortune, to release a sampler of Tor Lundvall’s earlier tracks. The Seasons Unfold is Tor’s 2-CD set of these atmospheric tracks based on the changing seasons. The beautiful, evocative quality of ’s work shines through each cut on the sampler.

“Whir (mix #2)” is a wintry mix of strings and prepared piano that even sounds icy. The chilly soundscape it unleashes is reminiscent of sleety nights and windy storms, perfect for the background of an Imbolc meditation. Piano, percussion, bells, and ghostly vocals on “29” evoke the rainy nights of springtime, and hint at early Pink Floyd.

“The Backyard (original take)” shifts the mood to a more sensual slinky meditation on the magic of a long summer afternoon, very reminiscent of Pink Floyd’s “Ummagumma” album and the soundtrack for the movie “More.”

Moody, mysterious, and sexy, Tor Lundvall’s work is sure to be enjoyed by die-hard electronica fans and new converts alike.


RATING: 4 Broomsticks

This review first appeared in newWitch #18


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