Emerald Rose


Emerald Rose
interviewed by Dean Jones 

One of Paganism’s hottest professional bands, Emerald Rose consists of Brian “Logan” Sullivan (guitar/vocals), Arthur Hinds (vocal/percussion), Clyde Gilbert (bass/ vocals) and Larry Morris (pennywhistle/vocals/ percussion). They play folk and traditional tunes, but infuse rock sensibilities into their music as well. Emerald Rose has produced three CDs and has a following among Pagans and non-Pagans alike. We asked them to describe their music.

Arthur: We write and perform both secular and sacred music. When I was new to this Path, I was disappointed at the quality of Pagan music available: anybody who said the word “Goddess” in a song was a “Pagan Bard,” no matter how bad they were. But that’s no longer true; I am proud to be part of the new wave of Pagan artists with high standards for both musical and production values. We hear tons of great Pagan music these days.

Clyde: One of the reasons we started the band was to have an outlet for the music that was welling up every time we got together, and the chord it struck with our community.

Larry: We want to have our music appeal to a broad range of people, not just Pagans, but we certainly see that group as a “core” audience. That’s a rapidly growing demographic these days, and we think we are well-positioned to influence and entertain within this culture.

Logan: It is thrilling to have an audience that is hungry for the lyrics in our music. It’s a rare occurrence in popular music these days and it is very satisfying to write music for an intelligent, literate audience that understands mythology and philosophy. Music is magical in its own right, but when played with intention and focus, it can be absolutely transformational. At one recent concert we played outside during a tremendous thunderstorm. We kept jamming, right through the storm. No rain fell from the huge black clouds and the violence of the storm soon passed. We finished the show, and ten minutes after the last piece of equipment was loaded, the rain began to pour. Coincidence? Perhaps, but I am amazed by the magical people in our audiences.

I know that people are listening — really listening — to our music, with magical intention. That makes me feel that we have a responsibility to present our highest and our best. Music can change the course of history!


» Originally appeared in newWitch #01

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