The Green River Enchantment

The river weaves through
Layers of sandstone
As the ancient bone casts its spell,
Enthralling me
Under the heat of the desert sun.

Snakes, baby scorpions,
Bees and biting flies
Await in the white beaches
Of my campsite.

Tiny minnows nibble at my toes,
Dragonflies skim the water,
And one morning, a hummingbird
Darts past my shoulder.

At dusk, bats and swallows
Swoop and dive
In the waning light
Informing me
Of impending night.

On the last day,
I break the spell,
Shoot through Cool Creek Rapids,
A whooping, wild woman,
Paddling furiously
Through the roar of sparkling waves.

That evening,
Hundreds of mating mayflies
Dance in my lantern light,
Then die fulfilled.

— Marie Lavendier



» Originally appeared in PanGaia #43 - Pagans and the Land

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