there’s always that one moment
where the stars align
in just the right sign
and the planets shimmer
and the freshly frozen thaw
doesn’t seem like an ill portent
that one moment
a silent lilt
a hidden song
just one instant of just the right sunshine
that moment
when you wake up and without knowing why
need flowing hemlines around your ankles
and bangles about your wrists
and ears
when you dare to venture beyond your door
which, despite the freshly frozen thaw,
is something you are dying to do,
you bypass all other waiting pairs
and find yourself besandled
and you know
— somewhere deep inside you
with a power that comes from the beloved stars —
you know
that despite the freshly frozen thaw
and the curse the meteorologists hold over you all
somehow, you just know
that somewhere deep within the great earth mother
spring is stretching, stirring
secretly planning to take us unawares
but i
i know
and the seeds of the season yet to come
are sown and growing
to bewitch those
weary of winter

— Jennifer M. Heuft

This article first appeared in the magazine PanGaia #50
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