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Posted by on in Paths Blogs
Labrys & Horns: New Second Edition

I'm pleased and proud to announce the release of the new second edition of Labrys and Horns: An Introduction to Modern Minoan Paganism. Since the publication of the first edition in 2016, we've expanded our pantheon and sacred calendar, created a new standard ritual format for both groups and solitaries, and developed a set of spiritual practices that we all share.

When I say the second edition is expanded, I mean it. The first edition, in print format, is 140 pages long. The new second edition clocks in at 243 pages.

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Saturday Pagans, or: Paganisms-of-Convenience

 O do not tell the priest of our rite,

for he would call it a sin:

but we've been out in the woods all night,

a-conjuring Summer in.


An e-mail went around to the coven: Can anyone attend the NoW Zoom meeting on Friday?

(NoW—National Organization of Witches—isn't the organization's real name.)

Now, wait a minute: let me get this straight. A national organization of witches is holding a business meeting on Midsummer's Eve?

Well, I suppose that one could find a certain amount of precedent for such a thing in Received Tradition. According to the Lore, most successful mythological invasions of Ireland took place either at Samhain or at Bealtaine. It makes a certain amount of sense to begin an important endeavor on a Day of Power.

I wish I could believe that such logic underlies NoW's Midsummer's Eve business meeting. Alas, though, I fear that the main motivator here is the logic of pragmatism: in our time and place, most pagan holidays get deferred to the nearest Saturday.

Well, the pagan world is a world of graduated values. It's better to do than not to do. Accordingly, the holiday waits until it's convenient for people to get together.

You'll gather that I don't wholly approve of such Paganisms-of-Convenience. There's something about such a cavalier approach to timing that seems to me, frankly, un-pagan. Is our paganism something that we do in our heads, or does it connect us with Something Real Out There? Is three nights into the Wane really still Full Moon?

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Posted by on in Paths Blogs
Novel Gnosis part 24: Narvi

The children of Loki and Sigyn are Narvi, also called Nari or Narfi, and Vali, who shares a name with a son of Odin. Vali Lokisson and Vali Odinsson will have a shared entry in the Novel Gnosis series later. The Nar- root word means corpse.

The sweet children of Loki and Sigyn were caught in the web of fate. The gods exist outside of linear time, so they knew what was coming from the beginning. They chose to give life and to love and be happy for the time they had, even though they knew it would not last forever.

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Sowing Seeds of Positive Change in Your Life

Nature is the ultimate creator. At a nearby gardening store or hardware store, get an assortment of seed packets to plant newness into your life. If your thumb is not the greenest, try nasturtiums which are extremely hardy, grow quickly and spread, beautifying any area. They re-seed themselves, which is a lovely bonus.  Light the following candles:

Green candle and peridot or jade for creativity, prosperity and growth

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Soul Reading for the New Moon in Cancer

Dearest Moon Muser,

It’s the New Moon in Cancer on June 20 at 11:41 pm Pacific Time along with an Annular Solar Eclipse and the Summer Solstice. Time to go within and hear a message or two from your past which could take the form of a past life karmic flash, or an ancestor or an old chum that pops in. As the Sun is eclipsed almost totally by the Moon, we focus on BEING, not doing as we allow our New Moon Intentions for the Moonth to bubble forth.

I invite you to Pick-a-Card and enjoy the video REVEAL I created plus read more about the cards on my blog.

Luv & Blessings,
Kathy Crabbe, Soul Reader, Artist + Astrologer, 2020.

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Novel Gnosis part 23: Nanna

Nanna is Baldur's wife. As I mentioned in my prior post on Hodur, in the Fireverse Nanna was the old moon goddess before the moon power passed to the moon god Mani. I believe this insight works in the actual mythology too. That's the reason I'm posting my novel gnosis: I think that some of what flowed out of my fingers when I was writing Some Say Fire was actual religious truth. I believe that much of my novel was directly inspired by Loki and Odin and other gods. So, here is the gnosis I've gleaned from the chapter focusing on Nanna.

In the Fireverse, when Baldur and Hodur were both wooing Nanna, Baldur invited Nanna to a ball he held in his mother’s underwater ballroom in Fensalir. Usually Fensalir only admits women and children, but there was an exception for the ballroom. The ballroom is round and one can look out of the curving walls at the underwater portions of a lake. The ballroom chapter being told from the perspective of Loki, like the rest of the novel, the story focused on Loki’s attempt to help out Hodur, which did not go well from Loki’s perspective. There were shenanigans involving a snow making machine. In the end, Nanna chose Baldur, just as she was always meant to, even though that’s not what Loki was trying to achieve.

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The Art of the Kitchen Witch's Garden

Basil is beloved because it’s so delectable and versatile. It is easily grown in pots. Take care to remove the growing tip when the plants are 15cm high for bushier growth. Plant out in the garden when the weather gets warmer. Basil prefers full sun and a sheltered spot.

Chives come from the onion family and have slim, pointed leaves. You should sow seeds directly in the ground in early spring, late March or April. Chives grow best in a sunny spot with rich soil, so keep the plants watered. Chives produce pretty purple or pink and perfectly round flowers. Gorgeous in the garden and palatable on the plate Sage is a marvelous cooking herb and is truly easy to grow.

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