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Posted by on in Paths Blogs
Novel Gnosis part 5: Bragi

Bragi is the god of music. He is married to Idunna, whose apples keep the gods from aging.

Fireverse-Bragi is probably pretty different than the Bragi of this universe, because the Fireverse needed a character within Asgard society that would actively oppose the teller of the story, who was Loki, and the opposition character became Bragi. Loki is usually cast as the opposition character in most traditional tellings of the mythology, but of course he would not cast himself in that role.

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Posted by on in Culture Blogs
Alas, Ill Rule in America

 “I was not the High King, that my doing should bring evil on the land.”

(Artos the Bear, in Rosemary Sutcliff's Sword at Sunset)


Pagan leadership is sacrificial leadership, and I'm not just talking about the kind of petty sniping and backbiting that dogs pretty much anyone with the audacity to step into a position of leadership in pretty much any pagan community.

All those stories about the King Must Die aren't really talking about cutting out hearts on altars; not literally, anyway. What they're really talking about is the price of leadership.

If you're not willing to lay yourself down on the altar, you have no right to lead.

Only those willing to sacrifice themselves are worthy.

That's why—rightly or wrongly—the Old Ways saw a direct connection between the actions of the leader and the well-being of the land and the people.

So look at the current situation in America.

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Posted by on in Paths Blogs
Novel Gnosis part 4: Bestla

Odin’s mother Bestla was Jotun, but she and her husband, the Asa god Bor, made their home in Asgard when all the worlds were new.

In my novel gnosis, Bestla died in the First War. Odin’s grief was so great that he decided to make war itself a sacred thing in her honor. He had been building a hall for himself near his parents’ hill dwelling, but after their deaths he moved into the hill and finished his hall as Valhalla, a place for his chosen warriors.

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Some Day We're Going to Come Out on the Other Side of This

Here at Temple of the Moon, we offer twice daily for the well-being of pagans everywhere.

The prayers (with paired offerings) are threefold:

May the people have life.

May the people have food.

May the people have beauty.

We pray that our people may continue to exist, and that we may have what we need to continue existing: sustenance both physical and spiritual.

Rarely has the seeming simplicity of those prayers seemed deeper than in this time of epidemic.

But here's my point: some day, we're going to come out on the other side of this. What that may look like, we cannot know, but of this we can be certain: it will be a time to give thanks mightily.

It well behooves us to start thinking now about what forms this might take.

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Posted by on in Paths Blogs
Novel Gnosis part 3: Asgard

Asgard is not really a three dimensional physical space, but in the Fireverse it has a geography suitable for the human to whom the story is told to understand. The World Tree can be reached from the top of a hill. It’s not growing out of the hill but is next to it and Odin is able to grasp one of the branches in order to hang from the tree. From that hill, one can look sheer down into forever. On one side of that hill there is a cliff with a stone seat carved into the hillside. There is a little foot path to the seat. This is Odin’s seat of seeing. From there, he can look into Jotunheim, or Midgard, or wherever. Just in front of this throne, the path broadens a bit and there is a short wall at the cliff edge, just right for Odin’s ravens to perch on.

On the other side of the hill stands Valhalla. It is just as described in lore, made out of spears and shields and having many doors and the Einherjar within, and a pig of unlimited bacon, and a goat whose milk is mead, and the triple throne where High, Just As High, and Third sit and rule. These are Odin, Honir, and Loki. Honir does not have a physical form unless he is manifesting between Odin and Loki. He sometimes manifests in the middle throne while Odin and Loki are both in their thrones. Odin sits in the sky throne, that is, the throne of air. Loki’s throne is fire and water. Honir’s throne is earth and ice. Just as it says in lore, the Einherjar go out and fight all day and then are resurrected and party all night in Valhalla. So, the Einherjar are not there during the day. In the Fireverse, Odin holds court in Valhalla in the day, with a lunch for any gods who want to drop in; when he’s not there all these processes continue to happen.

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Witchy Wellness: Essential Oils for Renewal

Weekends are the best time for taking good care of yourself. We all need to more than ever since the world seems so chaotic and life is crazybusy. Sandalwood, lavender and clary sage create a deeply soothing blend with a sensuous scent. It is both restful and stimulating; the perfect combination.

Gather the following:

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Gemini New Moon: Open Your Heart + Blow Your Mind!

Dear Moon Muser,
Today I’ll be sharing a Gemini Goddess with affirmations from my upcoming deck plus a video of a guided meditation and Spring walk through a gorgeous cactus/succulent garden with 2 handbuilt adobes near my home in Southern California. I pull oracle cards (you can choose one to work with) and then we tune into our sacral orange chakra and green heart chakra to help awaken creativity, sensuality and heart energy. There is also a Protective Bubble Exercise and some creative play with Lefty Oracle Card, "Homer, on the verge of greatness." (inspired by my dad).

Sparkly Blessings,
Kathy Crabbe
Soul Readings, Astrology & Art Since 1993

Oracle & Guided Meditation Videos:
Part 1:
Part 2:

Gemini Goddess

Lighten up that heavy load,
Release your baggage centuries old,
The philosopher within
Wants to sing!

Gemini Affirmations

- I am adaptable and inventive.
- I am curious and on the move.
- I am a dancing, rainbow spirit.
- I communicate well and teach that skill to others.
- I let go easily and quickly.

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