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Recent blog posts
Prepare the Way for Love In Your Life

Surely one of the main reasons for clearing space in your home and bedroom is to make room for a happy love life. Before you attempt to enhance your prospects for love, you need to improve the flow of chi, or life energy, in the environment where you express your love. Try any of all of the following to help you improve the chi:

Remove all pictures of yourself where you are alone. Remove all empty cups, jars, vases, and bottles.

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Take a close look at this reconstructed Iron Age round house from Pimperne, Dorset, England.

Note, in particular, the internal circle of support posts and lintels, marking off the inner living area.

If it doesn't look strikingly familiar to you, you can't possibly be pagan.

Although Stonehenge predates the Iron Age by more than a millennium, it's hard not to suspect that its familiar ring-with-lintels structure may well have been a visual echo of something that its builders knew intimately from their own daily lives.

You've heard of Stonehenge as temple, observatory, cenotaph. Well, it may or may not have been any, or all, of those things.

But it seems to me not to stretch credibility to claim that, first and foremost—whatever else it may also be—Stonehenge is a house.

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  • Anthony Gresham
    Anthony Gresham says #
    Woodhenge as the House of the Deities and Stonehenge as the House of the Ancestors perhaps.

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Love is Sacrifice; Lughnasa 2021

Tonight, at my house, we’re preparing to celebrate Lughnasa tomorrow, the feast of the First Harvest.  The house is clean, the altar is already set.  Tomorrow morning, a quick trip to the farmers market will provide veggies for the feast, then we’ll bake up a small loaf of bread and gather sunflowers, wild wheat, and blue cornflowers for an offering.  Just like every other year.


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 The Complete Gods and Goddesses of Ancient Egypt: Wilkinson, Richard H.:  9780500284247: Books


It's hard to deny the allure of ancient Egypt, a culture both physically and spiritually so self-sufficient, so self-contained, managing somehow to be simultaneously exotic and familiar. Here, if anywhere, it would seem, does one find a paganism complete unto itself, entirely unreferential to any other spiritual perspective.

Though I've never been Kemetic myself—I have even been accused (jestingly, to be sure) of anti-Kemetism (!)—my pagan career does indeed owe a debt of gratitude, if indirectly so, to the Black Land and its culture, Zilpha Keatley Snyder's 1968 teen novel The Egypt Game having opened my eyes to the possibility of actually doing pagan ritual today.

So, while Richard H. Wilkinson's 2003 The Complete Gods and Goddesses of Ancient Egypt may not entirely live up to the promise of its title—complete, after all, being a pretty broad claim—it does indeed serve as the most compendious storehouse of the Two Lands' gods and goddesses that I know of.

Pagans—by which I mean us, the modern pagans—even get one line at the end.

From the last paragraph of the book's final chapter, “Epilogue: A Lasting Legacy”:

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1st anniversary of book launch!

Asatru: A Beginner's Guide to the Heathen Path was published on August 1st, 2020. I put off doing a book tour hoping I'd be able to go on a post-pandemic belated book tour in 2021 but it's not yet time for a lot of in person events this year either. Hopefully next year! So, instead of a book tour:

Review party week!

Post a new review of my book on Amazon, Storytel, etc. (wherever you bought it) or your blog, post the link as a comment here, and win a surprise prize! (You'll get a choice of 3 different surprise prizes. Must message me on social media or email me in order to choose and claim your prize.) Or if you've previously posted a review on Amazon, your blog, etc., post a link to that review and you still win a prize! Because what is time? (Oh but that's another story lol.) I'll share your review link across my social media platforms (that includes a link to your blog, magazine, podcast, etc. if that's where your review is.)

Review party week goes from today (Saturday July 31, 2021) to next Saturday  (August 7, 2021.) Asatru: A Beginner's Guide to the Heathen Path is the new, longer, updated version of my out of print book Asatru For Beginners.

Find all the links to buy the ebook, paper, or audiobook on the following link, or ask for my book at your local bookstore or library.

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Bed Blessing

Anoint your bed with this special charm. In a red cup, mix a half- teaspoon of jasmine oil and a half-teaspoon of rose oil. Take a cotton ball and dip it into the bliss oil. Touch it to your clean sheets seven times from where you rest your head to the feet, for each chakra point. Then speak aloud:

In this bed, I show my love.
In this bed, I share my body.
In this bed, I give my heart. 
In this bed, we are as one.
Here, my happiness lies as I give and live in total joy.
Blessed be to me and thee.

Now, lie down and roll around in the bed. After all, that is what it is for!

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Sacred Space for Love: Altar of Affection

To prepare for new relationships and deepen the expression of feeling and intensity to your love life, create a center from which to renew your romantic spirit. Here you can concentrate your energy, clarify your intentions and make wishes come true. If you already have an altar, incorporate some special elements, such as red candles or red crystals, or anything associated with Venus, like copper or a seashell to enhance your sex life. Your altar can sit on a low table, a big box, or any flat surface dedicated to magic. One friend of mine has her sex altar at the head or her bed. Begin by purifying the space with a sage smudge sticka bundle of sage that you burn as your pass it through the space. Then cover your altar with a large red silk or silk-like fabric. Place two red candles at the center of your altar and place a soul mate crystaltwo crystals naturally fused togetherat the far right corner of the altar. These are widely available at metaphysical stores. Anoint your candles with jasmine and neroli oil. Also keep the incense you think is sexiest on your altar. Place fresh Casablanca lilies in a vase and change them the minute they begin to fade. Lilies are heralded as exotic and erotic flowers, prized for their seductive scent.

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