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Recent blog posts
Herbal Wreaths: Bring Love into Your Home

Oftentimes, your kitchen is the heart of the home. Something about cooking and sharing food brings people together. An herbal wreath hanging on the kitchen door can be a source of love and luck. You’ll need the following for your creation:

  • Freshly cut herbs of your choice
  • A wire wreath frame, available from most craft stores
  •  Either string or florist’s wire, ribbon, and perhaps a hot glue gun

This is truly one of the simplest craft projects you can ever make. Simply utilize the wreath frame as a base, and use string or the florist’s wire to anchor the fresh herbs into place. Finish it off with a colorful ribbon or other magical decorative touches you may want to add.

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Honest to Goddess, I am not making this up: I actually did overhear this.

Oh, those pagan kids.


Overheard at a Witch Store


"I'm a pagan,

and daddy's a pagan...

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Dreams of Devotion: Pillow Talk

To secure lasting love from a nascent romance, a love pillow can cast a powerful, binding spell. This spell works best if you use a soft, homemade pillow.

On a Friday, take two yards of pink satin fabric and stuff it with softest goose down and the dried petals of a red rose you’ve grown or received from your lover. Sew it with golden thread while you whisper:

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Every pagan should read Vine Deloria Jr.'s groundbreaking 1973 God is Red: A Native View of Religion.

In it, he contrasts two overarching religious cultures: the place-based spiritualities of Indigenous Americans, and the deracinated (literally “uprooted”) Book religions of incoming Europeans.

White people, he says, need to lose the Book and learn the Land.

He poses the question: does this mean, then, that European-Americans need to embrace the Red Way? and answers his own question: decidedly not. White people, he says, need to find their own way.

Pagans, take heed.

(Although Deloria himself does not touch on the issue, I'm going to posit that one factor driving the horrors of European colonialism has been the collective generational trauma of Christianization. Europeans, too, once had their own Land-based Indigenous religious cultures, which were—for the most part—violently uprooted.)

(Let me add also that, in the early days of American Ásatrú, Stephen McNallen approached Deloria with information about heathenry. “Here's our Indigenous Way,” he said. Deloria responded well, and—in an autobiographical essay—McNallen reports the fact proudly.)

In her 1993 Dakota: A Spiritual Geography, poet and writer Kathleen Norris tells of an interview that she heard with First Nations writer Paula Gunn Allen. [The] longer Europeans remain in America, Allen says, the more Indian they will become (Norris 128).

What makes an Indian an Indian, she says, is a deep connection to the land, built over generations, that imbues their psychology, and eventually their spirituality, and makes them one with the spirit of the land.”

My friends, Mr. McNallen: she's talking about us. We, the pagans, can lead the way on this. Long Ago and Far Away won't make us the pagans that we need to be, and that our battered, brutalized world needs us to become.

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Sacred Yule Metheglin Recipe


Brew this delicious sparkling spiced mead now, and it will be ready for your Yule celebrations. Enjoy!

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Brew of the Beloved

Here’s a quick recipe to create exactly the right mood for a romantic evening.

Stir together in a clockwise motion:

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Heartstrings: Bind Your Love to You

On a small piece of paper, write the name of your would-be love in red ink and roll up the scroll. Anoint the paper with rose or amber essential oil. Tie the scroll with red threads, incanting one line of the following spell per knot:


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