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Posted by on in Culture Blogs

 Free Cattle Image on Unsplash


What is it about animal proteins that makes them so defining?

Like the ancestral Hwicce, the original tribe of Witches, I live in Beef Country. I'd never really realized to just what degree the US is Beef Country—our national dish being (arguably) the hamburger, after all—until I spent some time in Germany.

Germany, of course, is decidedly not Beef Country. When, in her wisdom, the Great Mother gave their own proper foods to the peoples, she gave to the Germans swine. Germany is Pork Country, its national dish the sausage.

This culinary fact has both spatial and sociological implications.

Cattle pasture. They eat lots and lots of grass. It takes a certain amount of land to raise a cow.

Swine are a better choice for places were the average joe simply doesn't own—or have access to—much land. Fence the pig in a sty, and feed it on your own scraps.

Cattle = more space; swine = less.

Myself a lifelong vegetarian (gods help me, it's been 50 years now), of course, I eat neither pork nor beef, being a whitemeats kind of guy: that's the ancestral term for dairy products.

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Posted by on in Paths Blogs

This post recaps the news coverage about the Troth's explusion of Diana Paxson. Then this includes useful links for surivors at the bottom of the post.


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Lasting Love Spell: Bind Your Love to You

On a small piece of paper, write the name of your would-be love in red ink and roll up the scroll. Anoint the paper with rose or amber essential oil. Tie the scroll with red threads, incanting one line of the following spell per knot:

One to seek my love,

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 Italian Flat Leaf Parsley – UJAMAA SEEDS


“Only the wicked can grow parsley.”

I've long suspected that this old folk adage arose originally as something of a "sour grapes" response—you remember your Aesop, don't you?—parsley being notoriously difficult to grow from seed. “Rats, my parsley didn't germinate again. Oh well, I must be a good person, at least.”

As any gardener could tell you, parsley is a biennial. Year One, it produces those lovely, aromatic greens that the discerning among us relish, the next it flowers and (if you're lucky) sets seed.

In my house, parsley isn't so much a garnish as a vegetable. (In my Book of the Beast, tabouli is a parsley salad given textural interest with a schmeck bulgar.) Year after year, I would buy bedding plants and harvest through the summer and fall. Try as I might, though, I could never get them to overwinter.

Finally, last year, they did. They flowered. They set seed. Would they reseed themselves? I hoped, prayed, and waited.

Stop buying parsley, I texted a friend the other day. My reseeding plans have succeeded beyond my wildest dreams.

Not a patch, but a bed of beautiful, organic Italian parsley. Oh, I foresee a summer—summers—of good eating ahead.

There's no rest for the Wicca, says a friend of mine, riffing off an old Hebrew proverb, when someone—me, for instancecomplains about being too busy. Maybe it's time to reclaim this old gardener's proverb, too.

Or maybe, outrageously, I'll claim my new version as the original. Everybody knows that witches have the best gardens, after all. Just ask Rapunzel's dad if you don't believe me.

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Like people, like cities, every coven has a secret name.

Secret names are privileged, not public, information. (Someone who knows your secret name can, reputedly, harm you magically. An enemy that knows a city's secret name can thereby the more easily take it.) Therefore, in Ye Grande Olde archaic fashion, each coven has two names: a secret and a public, an inner and outer. When you join the coven, you learn the secret name.

Here's the story of my coven's.

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Posted by on in Culture Blogs
It's a Merry May Flower Moon


As noted by Cole Prots of W Magazine, this past New Moon on the 7th/8th, was one of the “luckiest New Moons of the year.” I would highly concur with that statement. I must give a huge shout-out to my fellow creative team, superstar cast, and incredibly talented musicians, who helped make the musical I co-wrote the book for, “Shining in Misery: A King-Size Parody,” an amazing success at the special concert performance at 54 Below in NYC. We were graced with the presence of renowned writers and Tony-Award Winners David Malloy and Lin-Manuel Miranda, applauded by a thoroughly entertained audience, and written up extremely favorably, particularly by Nathan Johnson at Broadway World. Here’s a small glimpse of our incredible night:

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How to Draw Love to You: Manifesting Ritual

The sweet scent of petals and herbs can bring love when you cast this spell. Try to perform this spell during a full moon.

A small lidded box

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