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Knight for Right: Kerr Cuhulain and the Warrior’s Way

Knight for Right: Kerr Cuhulain and the Warrior's Way
Kerr Cuhulain practicing with a Japanese staff (bo) in the Garden of the Other of Scáthach Motherhouse in Surrey, British Columbia.
photo ©2010 Ian Carter

Article by Satyros Phil Brucato

There is right, and there is law.

The two are not necessarily the same thing. Those of us who share a path that remains, in many ways, an outlaw creed know all too well the gulf between the two. Yet ideally, laws nurture the best in us by protecting us from the worst elements of our nature. To Kerr Cuhulain, balancing these two worlds has become the center of his world. An author, a teacher, a mentor, and a retired cop, Kerr holds the archetype of the Pagan Knight as both a challenge and a way of life.

Born Charles Ennis in the middle of the last century, Mr. Cuhulain embraced Neopaganism in the late 60s. “I got into Wicca,” he says, “at the age of sixteen. Until then, I was a seeker, though I wasn’t sure what I was seeking; once I found Diary of a Witch by Sybil Leek I knew what path I was on.” Following a stint in the Canadian Air Force, Kerr found himself in the Vancouver Police Department in 1977. “The Air Force pilot thing was my father’s dream for me, not mine,” he notes, “and I decided that law enforcement was my dream. Here I am, still in law enforcement, three decades later.”

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