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Patricia Lafayllve of The Troth

Patricia Lafayllve
of The Troth
interview by
Victoria L. Clare 

Patricia Lafayllve is a godwoman, seidhkona, and long-time contributor to, and leader of, the Asatru organization The Troth. The author of Freyja, Lady, Vanadis: An Introduction to the Goddess and Njal's Saga, Book One: Fanning the Embers, Ms. Lafayllve is a proud member of Two Ravens Kindred and Bjornsal, earned her Master’s of English from Southern Connecticut State University. She lives with a loving husband and the World’s Smallest Pit Bull in New Haven, CT.

W&P Most readers of this magazine who know you have seen you at Pagan gatherings such as Pantheacon. Would you tell us a few things that you enjoy about attending such gatherings?

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