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Law and Order 101

head_Galina-Krasskova_wp-19Discipline is essential to a mature spirituality.

So the theme for this issue is “law and chaos” and I have to completely admit that the concept of law warms my warrior’s heart. Sometimes I’ve gotten the feeling that my love of order makes me rather unusual within the generic Pagan movement, yet the key secret underlying law is discipline, a mode of being that lies at the heart of the warrior’s path. Moreover, that quality of discipline is a fundamental building block of engaged and passionate spirituality; absolutely essential.

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Birth of the Barbarian

columns_wp-24_13-01The “noble warrior” is nothing more than a Roman myth. 

He lives in that shadowy land where archetype collides with stereotype: the muscle-bound, wild-eyed, sword-swinging Viking. For good or ill he has become the popular image of Heathenry. The many other roles common in Norse culture — fisherman, farmer, trader, skald — receive much less attention than “warrior.” As Asastraur Ed LeBouthilier writes:

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Walking Toward Yggdrasil and The Whisperings of Woden

Walking Toward Yggdrasil and The Whisperings of Woden
Galina Krasskova, Asphodel Press

2.5/5 Broomsticks

In the world of Heathen spirituality, finding a devotional based on personal experience can be challenging, due to a tendency in the community to concentrate on ancient traditional texts of the Eddas and Sagas. Personal gnosis, celebrated in Neo-Paganism, is underrepresented, even discouraged, in reconstructionist Heathen circles.

Galina Krasskova, a self-described “free range tribalist Heathen” and priest of Odin, has written these two slim personal volumes — Walking Towards Yggdrasil and The Whisperings of Woden — for those seeking a closer relationship with “The Old Man” beyond what is written in ancient texts.

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Fulltrui: Patrons in Asatru Mist

Fulltrui: Patrons in Asatru Mist
Megalithica Books, 2011

1/5 Broomsticks

Mist offers up a book that is intended to help the reader find a patron within the ranks of the Aesir and Vanir with Fulltrui: Patrons in Asatru. Alas, instead of spending time focusing on what is promised, the book takes a turn for the worse early on when the author professes that she is “not an expert” and “everything in this book should be taken with a grain of salt.”

The book is set in a personal tone, with an underdeveloped voice as the author tells her own opinions and beliefs, but never gives any underlying theory to back up her assertions. The entire book has a distinctly neo-Pagan flavor, as it spends a lot of time talking about meditations to become closer to the Gods, Jotun and traveling within the Nine Realms, but less than nothing about the existing lore regarding these topics, which will be a deal-killer for any reconstructionist readers.

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Angles and Saxons and Witches, Oh My!


Travels through Middle Earth:
The Path of a Saxon Pagan

Alaric Albertsson, Llewellyn, 2009

In The Path of a Saxon Pagan, Alaric Albertsson decides to share his experiences and his beliefs of this Anglo-Saxon tradition relative to his personal path instead of speaking for all Anglo-Saxon Pagans, and he does this quite marvelously. Travels provides an introduction and more into Anglo-Saxon Heathenry today, while still honoring and reflecting on the contributions of the ancestors and the journeys through Middle Earth, and the other realms and customs within the fyrn sidu, or the “old ways.”

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