In today's Fiery Tuesday post, we highlight stories of religion and activism: a *very* Christian Congress; Pagan view on Charlie Hebdoe?; rhetorical violence in Paganism; civil rights victories in 2014; understanding Roma culture.

The 2015 U.S. Congress was just sworn in -- and it's not exactly representative in gender, race, or economic status. Overlooked by many is also just how very Christian it is, in spite of growing religious diversity in the country.

Is there a Pagan angle to the story of the terrorist attach on French satirical magazine Charlie Hebdo? The Wild Hunt says yes -- and here's their coverage.

Naturalist Pagan blogger John Halstead has been party to more than one internet battle, in this post he attempts to analyze how we can avoid rhetorical violence when we are vehemently arguing about our beliefs.

It's never bad to celebrate progress: this story in Yes! magazine does just that with stories of activist progress in 2014.

The Roma culture (often mis-described as "gypsies") is one of the most misunderstood in the world. Pagan culture often (whether innocently or carelessly) appropriates elements of this culture. We need to stop, and this story from The Daily Beast can help us to do better.