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Posted by on in Culture Blogs
Moving in Slow Motion

Dreams about moving in slow motion can be taken as a sign to slow down in your waking life. You might be rushing into new relationships, experiences, or responsibilities without taking the time to process what is already around you. Pay attention to the people, places, and things in your waking life. Work on increasing your mindfulness and appreciating what you already have before you start seeking out more. You probably need to focus on taking life one step at a time—otherwise, one day, you’ll regret not living in the moment. These dreams can also draw your attention to overlooked details. When you are moving in slow motion, you might notice things you never would have if you were moving along at a regular pace. In the same way, try to soak in all the details and hints in your waking life that you would normally gloss over. There might be something for you to learn there.

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Posted by on in Culture Blogs
Magical Jewelry

A marvelous way to take fuller advantage of the power of your gems and crystals is to wear them in jewelry. Even better, you can make the jewelry you own magical by charging it—imbuing it with intention and purpose and power. Also, you can craft your own magical jewelry, which is perhaps the most powerful option of all because you hold your desires in mind as you put your enchantments together step by step and gem by gem.

As you wear a gem, you’re not only decorating yourself but also experiencing its interaction with your energy systems. A large portion of this book is devoted to explaining the energies of each of the major crystals and gems along with some of the rarer rocks, so you must read through the descriptionary part to determine which stones are best for you. Not all will be, by any means, and some will conflict with your personal energy, as I also point out herein. Give a lot of thought about what constructive changes you wish to see in your life or what good qualities you want to develop further in yourself.

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Posted by on in Culture Blogs

Tug-O-War Rope - Rental-World

The center of the ritual that night was to be a tug-of-war between Summer and Winter.

I think the occasion was Beltane, back in the early days of Paganistan, down at the old River Circle, in its grove of cottonwood trees. Energy was high; folks couldn't wait.

I can't remember how we chose who was going to pull for Summer, and who for Winter; maybe we counted off around the circle. Maybe we drew lots.

Anyone, there we were: rope in hands, ready to have a good haul to settle which season would prevail. (This being Minnesota, I can only hope that the Winter folks would have had the good sense—not to mention the sense of civic duty—to put up a good struggle, and then let Summer win.)

As I said, energy was high. Once we had the rope in hand, people immediately started shouting and tugging. Everyone was having lots of fun; the power in the air was palpable.

Then the priestess killed it.

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Posted by on in Paths Blogs
Minoans and Etruscans: Is there a link?

The Etruscans are every bit as enigmatic a civilization as the Minoans. People like to speculate about the Etruscans and wonder who they really were and where they originally came from. Part of this process often includes the possibility that there's a connection between them and the Minoans. But is that really the case? Or can we even tell?

First, let me be clear that the two cultures don't overlap in time or space. The last major Minoan city, Knossos, was destroyed around 1350 BCE. Anything resembling Minoan culture on Crete that may have remained after the cities fell then disappeared altogether during the LBA collapse, around 1100 BCE.

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May the warm sun
remind you
that you are nourished.
May the solid earth
remind you
that you are held.
May the swift hum of blood
through your veins
remind you
that you are connected.
May the sweet breeze
in your chest
and across your face,
remind you
that you are loved.
May you remember
that you are carried
by the elements,
your life its own
kind of magic. 

Reminder: our ongoing daily practice, #30DaysofGoddess, is updated monthly with prompts, prayers, printables, and practices.

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Posted by on in Culture Blogs


Och, it's the same every year.

The Yule house-cleaning, though not finished, is well under way. The gifts, though yet to be wrapped and sent off, are all bought. Now arises the prospect of the next job-lot of work, and the annual question: to Tree, or not to Tree?

Every year, I remind myself: this is a choice.

Every year, I remind myself: it will still be Yule without it.

And every year—so far, at least—I do it anyway.

Oh, the Yule Tree: that indoor Yggdrasil, that heart and axis of the season, that island of light and color in a bleak white winter sea.

Long ago, I settled in my own mind the ethics of the matter: these, after all, are farmed trees, born for this sacrifice. (Still, though, I try each year to see at least one tree planted in recompense: the traditional life for a life.) Cutting the tree, I make the wonted prayers and offerings.

Oh, but the work involved.

Decking is the least of the matter. That's a joy, seeing again after nearly a year the old well-loved treasures, some of which have been in the family for more than a hundred years. (There's not much room in the steamer trunk of an immigrant, but somehow for these they managed to find a place.) Each ornament bears a memory, if not a story. Each ornament is a prayer.

The lights, that's the issue. Putting them on will be the work of several hours, taking them off again the same, with the added prickly discomfort attending the fact that invariably I leave the Tree up too long. Is it really, I ask myself, worth all the work?

Then there's the expense. Trees hereabouts this year are running $10 a foot. Seven or eight foot's-worth of Yule tree could buy a lot of groceries.

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Posted by on in Culture Blogs
Movement Dreams: Dancing

Dance is a way to express yourself that, in our dreams, can symbolize things like freedom, joy, and passion. If you’re dancing in your dream, your subconscious might be encouraging you to set yourself free and relax. Think about your waking life and what sort of situations might be putting pressure on you. If you feel like your individuality is being stifled or you are overwhelming yourself with too many obligations like school activities, work, clubs, etc., this dream might be your subconscious telling you to live a little. It’s okay to let go and let loose. Let your creativity flow —you will start to feel much happier once you do!

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