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Rejuvenation Invocation: The Water of Life

I advise any witchy gardener to have a rain barrel to make the most of stormy weather; you can water your pots of herbs and garden during sunnier days and dry spells. On the first day of the rainfall, place a blue glass bowl outside as a water-catcher. Bring it inside and place on your altar beside a lit candle. Speak:

Water of life, gift from the sky,
We bathe in newfound energy, making spirits fly!

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Moon Stone: Personal Power Crystal Blessing

You can perform a blessing on a single stone and keep it with you at all times. I keep an amethyst crystal chunk on my nightstand and another one that is a candleholder in my office. As a Pisces, I want my birthstone energy with me for strength, stability, and a love connection with the universe.

Choose a crystal to become your touchstone. Begin charging your crystal on your altar during a full moon. Light a white candle for purification and then place your hands on the stone. Chant thrice:

Goddess of Night, moon of this night,
Fill my stone with your white light.
Instill this stone with your magic and might;
Surround it with your loving sight.
So mote it be.
Perform this spell three nights in a row. Then you can begin to draw energy from your personal moon stone. Your sanctified stone will be a source of strength, wisdom, and love you can turn to whenever you are down and in need of a boost. And, best of all, you can take it with you.
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 Apple Apples Fruit - Free photo on Pixabay


In 1991, Ohio's Lady Lhianna Sidhe worked an act of audacious magic: she conjured a Tribe of Witches into being.

Weary of the entry-level orientation of the pagan festival circuit, and the demographic swamping of experienced practitioners that invariably ensued, she dreamed of an invitational gathering of magical family with deep and long-time commitment to the Craft.

And so it was.

For 13 years in the nineties and early naughts, the mists would part and the Midwest elders of the Craft would meet on the holy isle of Avalon. Friendships, covens, and marriages were made. There was held (O happy Night!) the first Old-Time Witches' Sabbat—the “ecstatic adoration of the embodied Horned Lord”—of modern times. (Shining with firelight, He stood on the altar in all His naked male beauty, constellations wheeling between His antlers....) And indeed, the Midwest Grand Sabbat continues to work its weird, uncanny magic in the world, as it has ever since: the next will take place later this summer.

Witches being witches, along with the serious work—and no festival ever had inspired such a collective sense of momentum as Return to Avalon—much satire also ensued. Here are fragments of a song that some of us would regularly chant, there beyond the mists.

You already know the tune.


This is Avalon

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Oops I Accidentally Led a Bardic Circle

I attended virtual Trothmoot even though I'm not a Troth member for two reasons. Firstly because they not only got rid of their Loki ban but were having an official Loki blot (ritual), and secondly because they were making their festival / convention available online. Both of those are things I want to encourage.

Trothmoot was 3 days of rituals, workshops, and virtual fire circle chatting. I had technical difficulties several times, and was pretty overwhelmed by the end, but overall it was a very positive experience.

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Geasa music, videos, stats, and photos |


Handfasting? Sure, I'd be happy to handfast you two; honored, actually.

Well, but there's something you should know first. You know what a geis is, don't you? (That's GESH, with a Sh on the end. Hey, it's Irish, don't blame me.) If I handfast you guys, I have to lay a geis on you, and you have to accept it.

It's this: that if, someday, you have a son, you will not circumcise him.

Cutting off part of a boy's penis is inherently wrong. It's sexual violence against boys.

You guys are pro-choice, right? Well, if your daughter should have a choice—which she should—so should your son. His body, his choice. Nobody else has the right to make that kind of decision for him: nobody. Not his parents, not his community, and certainly not "tradition." (Just because something's traditional, doesn't make it right.)

Why do I insist on this? Call it breaking the cycle of violence. It's part of my responsibility to ensure, insofar as I can, that a wrong done to me not be perpetrated on some other little boy.

That's my price. For your son, I want what was wrongfully taken from me.

If you can't commit to rejecting violence against your son, I can't bless your marriage.

So let me know.

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  • Steven Posch
    Steven Posch says #
    Kile, you're an inspiration to us all. Gentlemen: many wrongs can't be righted. Fortunately, some can: http://www.restoringforeski
  • Kile Martz
    Kile Martz says #
    I broke the cycle by restoring my foreskin. Yes, it is possible to make yourself whole again with time, technique, and patience. T

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Hedgewitch Tinctures

Teas brewed from a single herb are commonly called “simples.” I love that phrase of olden times. Experience has taught me that these simples often have the most intensity, since the very singleness of the herb gives it potency. A simple made from one of the following herbs enhances mental clarity, even clairvoyance. This will jumpstart you on your path toward any creative pursuit. Here is a recipe for a very inspired tea:

Boil one pint of spring water. Place into your favorite crockery teapot a half-ounce of any ONE of the following herbs: rosemary, mugwort, yarrow or thyme.

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Well, that's disappointing.

In the most recent season of camp-fest The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina, Sabrina's current love-interest, warlock Nicholas Scratch (get it?) has saved everybody's butt by absorbing the Dark Lord into himself.

(I'll spare you the back-story. Trust me, this is TV: none of it makes any sense anyway.)

So, is anyone grateful to Nicholas? Ha. Instead, the girls at the Sabrina-universe equivalent of Hogwarts are giving poor brave Nicholas shit for being the Dark Lord's bitch because he's taken him inside of himself.

(This, of course, is ridiculous. Just because I give you access to my butt doesn't make me your bitch.)

Now—sorry as I am to say it—we know very well that this kind of homophobia goes on in literally every high school in America. Still. (Gods help us, if there's a queer high school out there somewhere—which I'm virtually certain that there isn't—this kind of homophobia goes on there, too. Alas, queer people are not exempt from homophobia.)

Of course, it's disheartening to see this kind of behavior on a show which—if not exactly good on queer issues—has been at least passable, if barely.

(The supposedly “bi” cousin's bisexuality lasted for all of one season; now he's paired off with a woman. The “gay” relationship is between a fae and a trans guy. [In these tokenistic times, straight screenwriters just love pairing up the gay guy with the trans guy. That way they get to check two boxes at one fell swoop.])

I mean: talk about unrealistic. It's easy to tell that these are TV witches, not real ones.

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