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Recent blog posts
Faery Magick Awaits: Opening to the Astral Realms

Dear Ones,

When I encountered the faeries here in Southern California on the land where I live the ancient ones shared their magick with me. As I entered that Other World with eyes glittering, I learned that the land can heal and that we can heal the land even if it’s only for the insects who remain after we all become stardust in the process. I remembered... how to dance with the faeries. Can you feel them too?

I honour the fee folk with this fifth and final (?) oracle deck, the Fairy Herbal and it’s magickal paintings.

Why now? Because Venus, Jupiter, the Moon and Neptune are aligned in the sign of Pisces (a water sign, yes I know and my next deck may just be a Mermaid Tarot). As these planets align again as they did before during the Jupiter, Neptune conjunction of 1856 the Spiritualist movement had just been founded (in 1848) along with the discovery of Neptune and we ask again, “What will the framework of our modern mythology be?” This Jupiter/Neptune conjunction accompanies us on a search for meaning and truth as we search for solace in a traumatic time.

As a former elf (in a past life) and with a current BF elf, I know that faery-land does exist. Believe, O human child…

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Magic Metals

Just as the first humans sensed that stones contained energy and special properties, so too they found that metals boasted energies that had tremendous influence and power. Metals used to be very commonplace in magic, but their popularity has lessened within the last 500 years, after alchemists began to turn into scientists. 

Magical Metallurgy has rebounded a bit and plays a definite role in gem magic. The simplest way to employ magic metals is to place a copper penny in your pocket or carry a pouch containing a horseshoe nail for luck. Mystical metals—from bewitching bronze to supernatural silver—can add a whole dimension to gem magic in your life.

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Review: Findhorn Spirit Oracle Cards


Findhorn Spirit Oracle Cards
Written and illustrated by Swan Treasure
Findhorn Press, Rochester, VT, © 2022. $19.95
ISBN: 978-1-6411-374-5
44 cards. 3.5” x 5”

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A Lost Verse of Genesis


5B  But some among

the sons of the gods

(or “God”: bnei ha-elohím)

looked also upon

the sons of man

(or “men”: bnei ha-adám)

and found them fair,

and took them

unto themselves,

and knew them;

to these, to such

as received them,

did they impart

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Honoring the Ancestors: It's a Minoan Thing

Here's a little something I wrote in honor of the Ancestors:

Step into the light
Wearing your ancestors
Like a cloak
Like a crown
Bearing their power
Into the future
Generations of love
Stand behind you
Upholding you
Hear their voices
Urging you on
Feel their wisdom
Guiding your thoughts
Their hands
Holding yours
Never fear
You are not alone

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Choker of Charm

This “floating” crystal choker seems magical because the gems appear to hover around your lovely neck all by themselves. And maybe sometimes they do! The secret, aside from the magical gems, is the invisible thread, easily obtained at any craft store. The purpose of the Choker of Charm is to make you simply irresistible to whomever you wish to attract. Wake your boyfriend up with this enchanted choker, or hit the town with your friend and notice how a crowd develops around YOU! 

You’ll need these ingredients: twenty-one crystal beads, 22 inches of invisible thread, a lobster-claw clasp, and glue.

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 Roasted Cabbage Wedges Recipe - Food Fanatic


Hey, I live in the frozen North. We eat lots of cabbage up here. You could even call it a way of life.

I like cabbage; in some form or other, I eat it almost every day. Like most vegetables, it can be good—even quite good—if you know how to prepare it properly.

But if you'd told me that cabbage could be delicious, one of the best things that you've ever eaten, well...quite frankly, I'm not sure that I would have believed you.

O ye doubters and cabbage-deniers: prepare ye to believe.


Roasted Cabbage Wedges

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