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Advice for crafting wishes: When you wish for a suitcase full of money, you must specify that you don't mean a gentlemen's toiletry case that your then-teenage older brother put pretty looking pocket change into in 1978.

Here follows some further advice on how to make a wish, which I have learned the same way I learned the above: by experience. This is general wish advice, so it doesn't matter whether you are making your wishes via folk magic, such as birthday candles or a wishing well or a dandelion or a star, or a formal spell of some kind, or by appealing to a wish granting entity.

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Goddess Glow

Many witches prefer whipping up their own healing beauty magic. Here’s a simple recipe for a homemade salt rub. The beauty of this recipe is that you can change the essential oils to suit your mood. For example, if you are feeling romantic or preparing for a big date night, use rose and amber oils.

Combine the following:

  • Three cups Epsom salts
  • One tablespoon glycerin
  • Four drops lemon essential oil
  • Two drop jasmine oil
  • Two drop vanilla
  • One drop neroli oil (made from orange blossoms)

Mix well and store in a colored glass jar with a tight lid. Use these salts with the Salt of the Earth body purification ritual to help exfoliate your skin and give you a goddess glow.
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Opening Remarks


My sisters and brothers, we gather here today to commemorate and celebrate the life of Jane Hawkner.

Our rite will consist of three parts: The Rite of the Gates, the Fire Sacrifice, and the Arval Feast.

Our gathering today is not, however, one of commemoration only, but also of transition, which—symbolically, at least—will ease Jane's way from this life to that which comes next. For this, we will need the active engagement and participation of each one of you.

Much of what we do here today will, by tradition, be enacted while standing in respect. Let me add, though, that if you need to sit, please do so. Just be sure to sit respectfully.

Let us begin by acknowledging the Great Circle of Life and Death of which we are all a part, and by joining ourselves to it.

And so we begin.

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Salt of the Earth Rejuvenation Ritual

Salts have been used to purify the body, by way of ritual rubs, since ancient times in the Mediterranean and Mesopotamia. Beauties from the biblical era utilized this simple curative of natural salts to exfoliate the skin and enhance circulation, vital to overall body health. There are wonderful imported Dead Sea salts readily available at most bath and beauty stores, or you can make your own using Goddess Glow recipes, one of the kitchen cupboard cures that follows.

To prepare for your body glow session, light a white candle, step out of your clothes and into your tub or shower, and hold the salts in the palms of both hands, praying:

Aphrodite, in your wisdom, help me reflect your image;
My body is a temple to thee, goddess.
Here, I worship today with my head and hands, heart and soul.
Blessings to all, blessings to thee, blessed be me.
Use the salts with a new loofah sponge and scrub yourself vigorously during the waning moon or new moon at midnight.
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The Minoan Pantheon: Sun Goddess and Moon God

A lot of people show up in Ariadne's Tribe expecting to find a Minoan Moon goddess. Heck, I expected one when I first began incorporating the Minoan pantheon into my spiritual practice decades ago. Imagine my surprise when our research turned up a Minoan Sun goddess instead. (And a bunch of other goddesses, for that matter. There is no single "Minoan goddess" the way Sir Arthur Evans conceived of Minoan religion; like everyone else in the Bronze Age, the Minoans were polytheists.)

The trick to understanding why there's a Minoan Sun goddess and Moon god and not the other way around has to do with who the Minoans were and where they came from.

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Fact of the Day: May 30th, 1785- Benjamin Franklin announced his invention  of bifocals. #bifocals #benfranklin #facto… | Bifocal, Fact of the day,  Benjamin franklin


You know, of course, the Book of the Horned One: also called the Book of the Sabbat, and the Black Book.

(They say that it's written on deerskin parchment but me, I wouldn't know about that.)

In it, witches sign their names, and leave their seals in blood.

(My name is written there, and yours.)

They say that when Goody Prudence Priest went up to sign, she took up the quill and signed her name three times larger than the rest. When asked why she wrote her name so large, she smiled.

“So the Horned One won't need His spectacles to read it,” she said. This, of course, was years before the Declaration of Independence.

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Posted by on in Culture Blogs
Flower Remedy Ritual
Flower essences restore emotional balance and aid physical harmony. Naturopathic doctors and healers recommend using Dr. Bach’s flower remedies, which were originally created from the morning dew found on flower petals. These subtle medicines are available in most health food and metaphysical stores. To know which essences are right for you, take a pendulum and write the essence names on paper in a wheel formation. Holding the pendulum in the middle, wait for it to select one name while chanting:

Spirit of the flower, help me this day
To keep disease and depression far at bay. Blessed be.

To prepare the following remedies, mix two drops of flower essence in 30 milliliters of distilled water. Take four drops of the remedy daily until your health is restored. You can also apply the remedy to your pulse points: wrists, temples, behind the ears, back of knees. You can also add it to your bath, or spray it into the air. Following is a guide to healing flower remedies:

Addiction: skullcap, oregano
Anger: nettle, blue flag, chamomile
Anxiety: garlic, rosemary, aspen, periwinkle, lemon balm, white chestnut, gentian
Bereavement: honeysuckle
Depression: borage, sunflower, larch, chamomile, geranium, yerba santa, black cohosh, lavender, mustard
Exhaustion: aloe, yarrow, olive, sweet chestnut
Fear: poppy, mallow, ginger, peony, water lily, basil, datura
Heartbreak: heartsease, hawthorn, borage
Lethargy: aloe, thyme, peppermint
Stress: dill, Echinacea, thyme, mistletoe, lemon balm
Spiritual blocks: oak, ginseng, lady’s slipper
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