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Recent blog posts
Service to Mother Earth: A Walking Meditation
As you walk, take the time to look and really see what is in your path. For example, my friend Brenda takes a bag with her and picks up every piece of garbage in her path. She does this as an act of love for the earth. During the ten years I have known her, she has probably turned a mountain of garbage into recycled glass, paper and plastic. Goddess bless!
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Grounding Meditation
  1. Because the world we live in today is very much about getting in your head and staying there, many of us have to make a concentrated effort to become grounded and in touch with our bodies and with the natural world around us.

    Grounding is the technique for centering yourself within your being, getting into your body and out of your head. Grounding is the way to reconnect and balance yourself through the power of the element of earth. When you see someone walking past talking on their cell phone, you know that they are not grounded.

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 How to Grow and Care for Rhubarb Plants | Gardener's Path


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Blossom Magic



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Inspiration Infusion: Spell in a Cup

Your morning pot of tea can be a daily ritual you use according to your needs. If, upon rising, you feel a bit blue, brew up some bergamot. As you sip the soothing libration, you will feel your spirits lift and you can greet the day stronger and infused with this simple and true magic. Along with healing and energizing properties, herbal teas can aid the mind. Try the following blends:

  • Bergamot dissipates negativity and uplifts.

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Dear Boss Warlock:

Word around the Wiccan water cooler has it that you used to be something of a gay porn star in a previous incarnation.

Is this really true?

Titillated in Tuscaloosa


Dear Tittie:

To crib a line from a much better writer than myself, rumors of my porn-stardom have been greatly exaggerated.

Through the course of his long and illustrious career, Boss Warlock has been many things, including (once) an extra in a...well, let us say, a same-sex horizontal drama: in fact, just another pretty body in just another anonymous orgy scene. If you didn't know the tattoos, you wouldn't know it was me.

Hey, nobody got hurt, the money was pretty good, considering, and the sex was...well, let's just say that the sex had a happy ending.

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Friendly Feasts: Rite of Connection

Before you enjoy a friendly repast together, hold hands and recite:

Sister, brother, tribe of the soul, ones who care.
Merry may we meet again to share.
Breaking bread and quaffing mead
We draw closer in word and deed.
Blessing of love to all!
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