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Posted by on in Paths Blogs
Days of the Week, Minoan Style

You probably already know that the names of the days of the week are associated with deities (Greco-Roman, Norse, and others). Many people use the deity-day connections to guide their spiritual practice, choosing a particular deity's day for activities that focus on them.

We thought it would be nice if we could do something similar for the Minoan pantheon.

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Posted by on in Culture Blogs
New Moon, New Friends

When I moved to San Francisco, I didn’t know a soul, but I used this tried-and-true trick to fill my life with friends.

On the first Friday after a new moon (Freya’s Day, which is ruled by Venus, is ideal for fun, love, flirtation, gossip, and good times), light amber incense. Anoint yourself with amber oil and dance around, arms flung out and upward. Say aloud:

I call upon you, friend Freya,
to fill my life with live and joy. I call upon you, Goddess,
to bring unto me that which I enjoy
in the form of people, wise and kind.
This I ask and give thanks for; blessed be.
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Swine Farrowing Barns - Hobby Farms


I live in Minneapolis. Our sister-city across the river is named for Christianity's (arguably) ookiest saint: Miss Paul ( Saul) of Tarsus.* Ugh.

What's a poor pagan to do?

Across the New World, in repeated acts of verbal imperialism, places bear the imposed names of foreign religions. As we move toward a post-Christian America, what do we do with these irrelevant old names?

Well, I've heard pagan Califians refer to LA as Yangna, the name of the Indigenous village in the same location. That's one approach, if such a name is available.

In this particular instance, of course, St. Paul isn't the city's real (= original, pagan) name. The city was first called Pig's Eye, and the story sounds like something out of Celtic mythology.

Now, it so happens that the guy who built the original trading post in the area one day lost his prize sow. (Her name, alas, is lost to history.) She had a tendency to wander off anyway, and was about to farrow, so her disappearance was extremely worrying.

Finally he finds the sow lying by the Mississippi with her numerous new farrow suckling greedily. (How's that for an omen?) Giddy with relief, he looks around him at the place where she's chosen to give birth.

“Hmm....” he thinks.

Welcome to Pig's Eye, boys and girls.

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Posted by on in Culture Blogs
Lighting the Fire of Friendship

Take a large yellow pillar candle anointed with lemon or bergamot essential oil and charge it with positivity toward yourself. Scratch your own name into it and write: “I love (your name).”

Light the candle and say four times:

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Flame of Intention: Charging the Candle

Charging a candle imbues it with your intention; the candle can then be used with any spell for enhanced results. While picturing what you want to achieve, anoint the candle with the scented oil of your choice. My favorite oil is “vamber,” which is a combination of vanilla and amber. Remember that your level of clarity and concentration will be reflected in the candle’s power.

You can further charge the candle by scratching your desire into the wax. I use the thorn of a rose for this, and you can write words, although many witches use symbols—a heart, a dollar sign, or a number, for example.

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Posted by on in Culture Blogs


Lilac Bush: Plant Care & Growing Guide


Half a moon to Samhain, and here in Minneapolis the lilacs are blooming.

Anomaly. Anomaly. In the American Midwest, lilacs usually flower around Bealtaine.

What's going on?

I first noticed the phenomenon a few weeks ago at Sweetwood sanctuary down in the Driftless Area of southwestern Witchconsin. I made a few lame-ass jokes about the Glastonbury Thorn—“...but at Sweetwood, the lilacs bloom both at Bealtaine and at Samhain, haha”—but inside I harbored less cheerful suspicions.

Lilacs, like most blooming woody plants, set their blossoms in the fall. An old apple tree will often bloom out of season just before it dies, one final, poignant, display of beauty before the end. Apple trees are the poets of the orchard.

But no, the resident priest assured me that the Sweetwood lilacs had done the same the previous year.

A couple of hundred miles to the north, lilacs were blooming here in Minneapolis just last week. Others, not yet blooming, are leafing out, as in a normal year one would expect to see in late April.

I hear different things from the voices around me. It's normal, it's not normal. It's drought-stress (but Sweetwood hasn't been in drought this summer). It's climate change. It's this autumn's extended warm weather.

Well, omens are notoriously ambivalent in the interpreting. If this is an omen, I for one am uncertain how to read it.

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The Ties That Bind: Your Friendship Altar

To prepare the way for letting new friends enter your life or to focus your attention on existing friendships, set up an altar where you can concentrate your energy and clarify your intentions. If you already have an altar in place, incorporate some of the following elements to enhance your relationships with others as well with yourself. The more you use your altar, the more powerful your spells will be.

Your altar can be a low table, the top of a shelf, or even a shelf. First, purify the space with the smoke of a lit sage bundle. This is called “smudging” and is an essential part of witchcraft. You can dry wild sage to use or purchase it in any herb store. Once you have smudged the space, cover your friendship altar with a pink-colored scarf or cloth and place pink and white candles in each of the four corners. (Pink is the color of affection and white represents purity.) Place rose quartz and calming fluorite stones around a vase of fresh flowers, often with poppies, daisies, or whatever connotes fun and friendship to you.

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