Witchcraft: A Concise Guide

A Concise Guide  
by Issac Bonewits
Virtual Publishing Group, Inc.


I’ve never read anything of Issac’s that wasn’t entertaining, intelligent, and informative, and this book is no exception. Once again, Bonewits has written a classic that should be required reading for anyone seeking a one-book introduction to Wicca.

In a scant 125 pages (plus several appendices) Bonewits covers the history, beliefs, and practices of Wicca in an easy-to-read format that nonetheless is not dumbed down. The appendices cover Wiccan resources and terminology, as well as several important pieces of Wiccan history. Even better, the author tells you where to go for more information.

I only had one question about this book. While I appreciate and share Bonewits’ love and admiration for the groundbreaking work of British witchcraft historian Ronald Hutton, I’m not sure why he chose to include Ashleen O’Gaia’s essay about Hutton’s work. The essay is a great piece of work; I just don’t know why it’s included here; perhaps Issac just thought it was cool. (Which is is.) This is one of the top-10 introductions to Wicca. Don’t miss it.


RATING: 5 Broomsticks

» Originally appeared in newWitch #01

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