Philosophy of Wicca

Philosophy of Wicca
by Amber Laine Fisher
ECW Press


Ninety percent of all books on Wicca are crap, and I say this as a member of the clergy in the faith. They somehow paint Wicca as some sort of Charmed-wannabe thing where everyone looks like anime characters, and rarely, if ever, include good information on the religion itself.

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The Well-Read Witch

The Well-Read Witch
by Carl McColman
New Page Books


Carl McColman, author of The Aspiring Mystic and Embracing Jesus and the Goddess, brings us a comprehensive look at what most of would want our magickal library to look like.

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Witchcraft: A Concise Guide

A Concise Guide  
by Issac Bonewits
Virtual Publishing Group, Inc.


I’ve never read anything of Issac’s that wasn’t entertaining, intelligent, and informative, and this book is no exception. Once again, Bonewits has written a classic that should be required reading for anyone seeking a one-book introduction to Wicca.

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A Witch’s Book of Dreams

A Witch’s Book of Dreams
by Karri Allrich


Have you ever tried to use one of the standard dream dictionaries? If you’re like me, you probably didn’t get very far. Enter A Witch’s Book of Dreams. This is a book written for a Pagan audience. Cool!

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The Study of Witchcraft

The Study of Witchcraft
by Deborah Lipp
Weiser Books, 2007


Noted Wiccan priestess and author of Elements of Ritual and The Way of Four Spellbook, Deborah Lipp brings solid credentials to her latest project, The Study of Witchcraft. Years of being a practicing Wiccan, of study and research as well as participation in Pagan culture, make Lipp a knowledgeable and trustworthy guide into the compelling, but at times The Study of Witchcraft is a concise, accessible, and enjoyable introduction into the core beliefs, practices, and history of Wicca and witchcraft.

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Witch in the Neighborhood

Witch in the Neighborhood
Lady Isis Rose, Alexandrian Archives , 2008

3/5 Broomsticks 

The first look at Witch in the Neighborhood by Lady Isis Rose promises a fun read. Illustrated by Sabrina, the Ink Witch, these ninety pages offer a primer for beginning witches and a gentle reminder for those more accomplished, that witchcraft isn’t something you do, it’s the way you live.

Sections include, “Merry Meet,“ “Making A Beginning or Creating A New World One Neighborhood at a Time,” “What’s in Your Wicca Basket?,” “A Cauldron of Festivities,” and “Merry Part Until We Merry Meet Again.”

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